Blake Shelton Never Proposed To Gwen Stefani On Valentine’s Day, Despite Claim

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Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Proposed Valentines Day

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Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Proposed Valentines Day

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Blake Shelton never proposed to Gwen Stefani on Valentine’s Day, despite a story claiming he was ring shopping for a holiday engagement. Gossip Cop busted the false article when it originally came out. Now time has proven we were right.

In early February, HollywoodLife peddled an “exclusive” about Shelton shopping for a $500,000 diamond ring. Actually, it was alleged that the country superstar was having an “assistant” go shopping for him. Naturally, the site tried to give credence to its story by citing a purported “source,” who claimed an “assistant” on his “team” was “spotted visiting and shopping with a private jeweler in Beverly Hills this week.”

Tellingly, the name of the jeweler was never given, nor was a specific date for this supposed sighting provided. Still, the alleged tipster suggested to the blog that “the shopping excursion fits a timeline for ‘a possible Valentine’s Day proposal.'” It was never explained why Shelton would have someone who works for him do something as personal as buy an engagement ring for him, something virtually all men prefer to do themselves.

In another red flag, the website noted that “there were rumors” in November “that Blake would be proposing to Gwen over Christmas.” HollywoodLies, as it’s known, doesn’t take any responsibility for sparking those unsubstantiated “rumors.” Instead, it opines, “It sounds like he’s really serious about it this time. One does not simply buy a diamond ring out of the blue.”

Of course, what was “really out of the blue” was this bogus article about a Valentine’s Day proposal. No one in Shelton’s camp with whom Gossip Cop spoke could confirm there was any merit to the ring shopping and engagement claims. And Stefani’s rep tells us on the record that she did not get before, on, or after Valentine’s Day. On the contrary, we were reminded that those legitimately connected to Shelton, and Stefani for that matter, don’t actually go spilling to HollywoodLies. So, what really happened on Valentine’s Day?

Well, the stars weren’t even together on Wednesday, just like they weren’t together on the special day last year. The songstress was in Los Angeles with her family while Shelton was in Oklahoma preparing for the launch of his “Country Music Freaks Tour,” which was beginning the next day in Tulsa. So Shelton sent Stefani a Valentine’s delivery of flowers, not a diamond ring.

And after she showed off the floral arrangement on social media, the outlet posted a new article, in which it acknowledged, “It looks like Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani couldn’t be together for Valentine’s Day.” The online publication went on to state, “Fans are anxiously awaiting the time when Blake finally pops the question, and engagement rumors have been swirling… for months now. Could 2018 finally be the year!?”

Just like with the Christmas proposal that never happened, at no point did HollywoodLies address the fact that it fueled “engagement rumors” days prior by alleging there would be a Valentine’s Day proposal. Perhaps the blog should stop making up provably false stories and start taking responsibility for the untruths it has already told.

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