Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani NOT Ordered To “Show More PDA” On ‘The Voice,’ Despite Report

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By Michael Lewittes |

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have not been ordered to “show more PDA” on “The Voice” for ratings, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabricated claim. We’re told it “isn’t true.”

According to the often disproven RadarOnline, after the couple had a so-called “on-air tiff,” ratings dropped, and so they’ve “been told to make nice for the cameras on ‘The Voice.'” The webloid alleges Stefani recently saying she was “mesmerized” by a male contestant’s body angered not only Shelton, but apparently viewers, as well. A supposed “source” tells the outlet, “Producers have really come down on Gwen for her flirtation. They said that it seems like the viewers do not want to see any trouble in paradise between her and Blake.”

“They basically told her that they are really just disappointed in how [she] and Blake seem to be lacking in the love department this season,” adds the same ill-informed or possibly concocted “insider.” After next alleging that Shelton and Stefani both “signed a contract that gave them a significant bonus to keep the love alive all season long,” the repeatedly discredited site quotes its same questionable source as saying, “The producers just told Gwen and Blake that they have to honor their contracts.” “Part of the reason that they invited Gwen back on the show was so that the two of them could let their love blossom on screen,” continues the webloid’s seemingly specious “source.”

But it’s really all a collection of untruths piled on top of other untruths. Gossip Cop already exposed RadarOnline for making up the story about Shelton and Stefani getting a bonus to stay in love. And we also nailed the untrustworthy outlet for wrongly reporting Shelton was upset with Stefani for “flirting” with a contestant. As we noted at the time, the No Doubt singer lightheartedly said she was “mesmerized” by singer Chris Blue’s body movements while performing, and Shelton joked about it as well.

Curiously, the serial fibbers at the site forgot they already manufactured a tale about how everyone at “The Voice” was annoyed by Shelton and Stefani’s “lovefest.” Of course, that recent article was also false. We’re assured the couple is now not being told to “show more PDA.” A rep for Stefani exclusively tells Gossip Cop the latest claim, like many of the previous ones, “isn’t true.”

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