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A story about why Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are "still not getting married" is fake news. It comes more than a year after the same site offered a similarly made-up narrative, one that doesn't jive with this new one. Gossip Cop can expose the fabrications.

After nearly three years of falsely claiming Stefani and Shelton are on the verge of an engagement and marriage, HollywoodLife is now purporting to have "exclusively learned that though they remain 'committed' to each other, there's a reason why they're not hitched yet." The blog pretends to have a "source close to Blake" who asserts, "There is no big secret as to why Blake and Gwen are not yet engaged." Contends this fictional tipster, "It very simple [sic] — they're just not in a rush to get that piece of paper."

"Neither of them need it to feel committed to each other. They're both undeniably 'all in' when it comes to their relationship," claims the website's untraceable snitch. This alleged "source" goes on, "But, when it comes to getting the courts involved and dealing with all the paperwork they'd need to do as far as pre-nups, it gets overwhelming and frankly, not very romantic."

Compare what the outlet is now saying in August 2018 to what it maintained in a July 2017 story about why Shelton and Stefani haven't married: "There are many reasons why they are waiting and one of the main reasons is that Gwen would like [son] Apollo to be a little older so he can appreciate and understand things more," said a similarly unnamed "source," who insisted, "She wants all the kids to be on board and old enough to understand that Blake will be their stepfather and that it will be forever."

And now consider what the online publication said only last month about Stefani and Shelton putting off an engagement: "With Gwen's Vegas residency and Blake's constant touring and duties with 'The Voice' there really isn't anytime [sic] to get married." It was further asserted, "And instead of getting engaged and waiting forever to get married they want to be in a spot where they can do both quick and the way they want to do it."

To be clear, here is how the storyline has changed over the course of a 13-month time-span: First Shelton and Stefani weren't getting married because she wanted to wait until her sons were "older." Then they weren't getting married because there wasn't "time." And now they supposedly aren't getting married because they don't need a "piece of paper." None of these so-called "exclusives" are consistent with one another, and none of them acknowledge the site's own prior reporting.

What's more is that only one day ago, Gossip Cop pointed out that HollywoodLife has a history of making up engagement rumors about Shelton and Stefani. So after peddling numerous bogus stories about the couple getting engaged, it's hard to believe the blog when it claims to have insight about why they're holding off, especially when the website has been down this road before. To date, the most definitive comments on the pair tying the knot have come from Shelton in April, when he said he thinks about marrying Stefani.

"I don't think it's any time soon or anything. The more time that goes by, I guess, the closer you'd be getting to that," he said. Neither he nor Stefani have ever gotten more specific than that, and the outlet's own history demonstrates that it's not to be trusted. The publication repeatedly wants readers to believe it has legitimate news on the pair, but its track record indicates it's all fake.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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