Is Blake Shelton getting married and having a baby with Gwen Stefani or did he dump her? It depends entirely on what day In Touch decides to post an untrue story. Within the span of just one month, the often debunked tabloid has published articles online with the headlines, "Gwen Stefani Got Dumped by Blake Shelton Over 'Jealousy and Drama' (EXCLUSIVE)" and "Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Are Ready to Walk Down the Aisle and Are Planning for a Baby" (see below).

So, how does the tabloid reconcile that on March 16 it swore up and down Shelton "dumped" Stefani, alongside its new April 15 article maintaining "the two have an over-the-top destination wedding planned" and are ready to "move full-steam ahead with expanding their family"? It doesn't. The magazine doesn't even reference in its latest story how it wrongly asserted just a month ago that Stefani and Shelton had split up.

As Gossip Cop reported in March, the outlet falsely contended Shelton "dumped her before heading off on tour in February" because he was "through with Gwen's neediness and all the drama." Of course, as we noted, the two never broke up and Stefani posted loving Instagram messages while on tour with Shelton. Additionally, Stefani's rep told us on the record the breakup claim was "untrue."

For that unquestionably inaccurate report, the publication quoted a supposed "insider" as well as "another insider." Clearly, its alleged sources had no inside information at all. And yet now again, the repeatedly disproven magazine would like its readers to believe it once more has an "insider" who knows that Stefani would like to announce "her pregnancy to friends and family on their big day" when they tie the knot. When precisely is their "over-the-top destination wedding" taking place? The tabloid offers no details about when they're "ready to walk down the aisle," though it maintains "insiders suspect that the reason they're rushing to the altar is because they have a bun in the oven."

There's a reason the magazine has no specifics, and that's because it doesn't really have any "insiders" at all. Either the outlet is now suddenly changing its course about the No Doubt singer being "dumped" because Stefani told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show on Tuesday that she thinks about marry Shelton "all the time" or it's simply ripping off the cover story of its sister publication, Life & Style, which ran a headline just 11 days ago that falsely blared, "Gwen & Blake: Wedding And A Baby!" Regardless of where its misinformation came from, Stefani's rep told Gossip Cop on the record that the tabloid's article was "untrue."

Nothing has changed. Interestingly, when the singer appeared on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," Stefani went on to announce a Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, which begins on June 27, 2018 and runs through March 2019. It makes the 48-year-old being pregnant now or during the residency somewhat unlikely. DeGeneres even made a joke about Stefani expecting a baby, prompting the singer to laugh.

But Stefani and the talk show host weren't the only ones to get a chuckle. When Gossip Cop pointed out to Stefani's spokesperson how the tabloid went from claiming she was "dumped" to now "rushing to the altar," her rep also laughed at the magazine for its contradictions. What's less funny, though, is the habit of magazines to publish falsehoods without even bothering to fact-check or later update and apologize for their errors.

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Dumped Married Baby

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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