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Is Blake Shelton the reason Gwen Stefani is no longer on "The Voice"? A new report claims he "asked" her to leave the NBC music competition. But Gossip Cop can point out significant flaws in this story.

Life & Style claims in its new issue that although Shelton and Stefani "fell in love" thanks to the reality series, she has "no plans to return... for the good of their relationship." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Gwen and Blake don't fight much at home, but when they were on 'The Voice' they disagreed and butted heads a lot." Continues the tabloid's untraceable source, "It didn't always make for a great environment, and Blake told her he wasn't sure it was a good idea for them to work together anymore."

The magazine goes on to assert that "instead of signing up for another season," Stefani embarked on her Las Vegas residency. "Gwen loves 'The Voice,' but she loves Blake more. She's seen how spending every single second with your partner at home and at work can really ruin a relationship, and she wasn't about to let that happen to her and Blake," claims the supposed snitch. And that's supposedly regardless of "how much money NBC throws at her."

The alleged tipster contends NBC "made Gwen an offer [to come back], but she's not taking any chances. She was adamant when she told them, 'Thanks but no thanks!'" But these claims go directly against what both Stefani and Shelton have said on the subject. For example, when it was revealed in late 2016 that Stefani would be returning to "The Voice" for the first cycle in 2017, Shelton exclaimed to reporters, "I want Gwen to come back for obvious reasons!" He went on to say, "We were high-fiving and partying," adding, "Obviously Gwen is special and she deserves this."

Then, when it became clear in the spring of 2017 that Stefani was leaving "The Voice" again, Shelton expressed his disappointment, and gushed about working with his girlfriend. "It kinda builds your ego up when you walk into a room with Gwen. But also it's a crashing blow to your ego when you realize all the cheers and people shouting at ya. You realize it's not you, it's her," he told "Entertainment Tonight" in an interview. "But it's still exciting at the same time. Being in the vicinity of her is unbelievable."

Never has Shelton expressed any issue about working alongside Stefani, and contrary to the claim that the couple "butted heads a lot" on the show, they were always depicted playfully getting along. And Stefani left the possibility of another return to "The Voice" open when she finished her last season. "I love being here, I'd love to come back," she said. She's never said otherwise.

The outlet, however, is offering a very different narrative, one that doesn't even make sense timing-wise. Stefani was last a coach on "The Voice" during season 12, which ended more than a year ago. If Shelton was the reason she didn't return for seasons 13, 14 or 15, why is the publication only reporting this now? It's not even logical in the context of Stefani's Las Vegas residency, which launched in June. It's now August. But this timeframe is actually noteworthy for one reason: Earlier this year, Life & Style claimed Stefani and Shelton were having a summer wedding.

We're now more than halfway through the summer, and the stars still haven't wed, just as Gossip Cop said they wouldn't. This further underscores that the tabloid's reporting isn't credible when it comes to Shelton and Stefani. The magazine has also proven to be untrustworthy when it comes to rumors about "The Voice." In fact, we previously busted this outlet for claiming Shelton and Stefani called off a wedding in part due to his supposed closeness to season 13 winner, Chloe Kohanski.

To recap: The publication claims Stefani left "The Voice" and is refusing to return because of Shelton, even though he has repeatedly celebrated working with her and she has expressed her willingness to come back. The tabloid is oddly making these allegations more than a year after Stefani's last stint as a coach, and the magazine has a history of peddling misinformation on both the couple and the show. There also isn't any evidence to support this storyline. On the contrary, there is plenty of proof to contradict it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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