Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani “Ignoring” Miranda Lambert Diss Is Made-Up Story

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Blake Shelton Reaction Miranda Lambert Diss

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Blake Shelton Reaction Miranda Lambert Diss

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A story about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani “ignoring” Miranda Lambert’s supposed diss against them was made-up. Gossip Cop is told no one close to the couple actually shared their purported reaction. We can bust the phony report.

During a recent concert, Lambert changed a lyric in “Little Red Wagon” from “I live in Oklahoma” to “I got the hell out of Oklahoma.” Because she moved out of the state following her divorce from Shelton in 2015, many have interpreted the revised line as a slight against him. Now HollywoodLife, of all places, wants fans to believe it has Shelton and Stefani’s response to the lyric change.

The pair “want to truly focus on their status as a power couple so they’re not wasting time or energy on the jab made onstage by Blake’s ex,” alleges the site, which quotes a so-called “source close to Gwen and Blake” as saying, “Gwen and Blake really are interested in letting go of Miranda Lambert and what she says or does moving forward.” First off, no real person would use Lambert’s full name in conversation like that.

Second, this supposed snitch babbles on and on about how Shelton and Lambert are “done” and he is focused on his romance with Stefani. For instance, one of the alleged quotes states: “Thinking of exes is tiring and doesn’t do anything for the health of their relationship. It’s a new year and to them all that drama and nonsense is now in the rear view.” Then why would they have a “source” purportedly “close” to them bother talking about this subject with a gossip blog? If it’s “nonsense” and they’re “ignoring” it, they wouldn’t have anyone in their inner circle address it at all.

Here’s the rub: They didn’t. No one legitimately connected to Shelton or Stefani spoke to the outlet about Lambert and her song lyric, Gossip Cop is told. Simply because the line change caused a stir on social media and made headlines on a number of sites, HollywoodLies, as it’s known, tried to capitalize on the situation by making up a related “exclusive.” We’ve pointed this out countless times now: When something makes waves in the Hollywood world, the online publication concocts bogus reaction pieces in which it pretends to have insight.

Case in point: After Lambert’s Billboard cover story was released last July, HollywoodLies pretended to know Shelton’s reaction to the interview. Just like now, all the assertions about his supposed feelings were inauthentic. They were guesses, not a genuine scoop. Now here we are again. Shelton and Stefani are wholeheartedly focused on their relationship, not anything with Lambert. But no one really shared their take here.

What’s also notable is that the copycats at Celebrity Insider picked up the claims, regurgitating the made-up quotes without any attribution. The blog is just as much a sham as HollywoodLies.