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Gossip Cop has seen split rumors about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, wedding rumors and baby rumors. And over the summer, we've taken a look back at examples of each. Next up: Five wrong rumors about Shelton and Stefani getting engaged. And readers will notice, all of the claims below came from the same place.

In May of 2017, HollywoodLife manufactured a story claiming Stefani wanted Shelton to propose so she could use her down time from "The Voice" to plan a wedding. "One of her main goals is to prepare a wedding," a so-called "source" was quoted as saying as season 12 of the NBC music competition wrapped up. "She just needs Blake to pull the trigger and ask for her hand in marriage," maintained this untraceable tipster. A rep for Stefani, however, confirmed to Gossip Cop the tale was all lies, and sure enough, the No Doubt front woman didn't spend the following months getting engaged and working on wedding plans. Instead, after summer ended, Stefani revealed she had been busy working on a Christmas album.

But shortly after that, in late October, the site speculated Shelton had "secretly proposed" after Stefani "showed off a huge diamond ring." Though the blog had no pictures to support its narrative, it was alleged she was "sporting a gigantic diamond ring on her finger and it has everyone asking if she is engaged." Buried in the story, HollywoodLife tried to back away from its own suggestions by citing another anonymous "source," who supposedly said the sparkler was just a "fashion statement." But aside from Stefani flashing a diamond ring on the cover for her Christmas album, there was no evidence of her recently wearing a diamond ring at all. That was because the purported bauble didn't actually exist, and Stefani's spokesperson even told Gossip Cop the outlet didn't bother to fact-check with her camp before running its tale.

Fast-forward to February when, in yet another "exclusive," the website claimed Shelton was shopping for a $500K "diamond ring" and proposing on Valentine's Day. A purported "insider" asserted, "One of Blake's assistants was spotted visiting and shopping with a private jeweler in Beverly Hills this week." It was asserted that the diamond ring would be for a "Valentine's Day proposal," but it was never explained why Shelton would have someone pick out an engagement ring for him. The name of the jeweler wasn't provided, either. No one with whom Gossip Cop spoke could confirm the premise was legitimate, and its inaccuracy was later exposed when February 14 came and went without a ring and without a proposal. With Shelton out of town on the holiday, he sent Stefani a flower delivery for Valentine's Day. And that certainly didn't symbolize an engagement.

In April, the storyline changed once more. The publication pretended to have "exclusive details" on how Stefani and Shelton "might just skip out on an engagement to run off and tie the knot." The so-called "source" in this piece was quoted as saying, "With their busy schedules, Gwen has even talked to Blake about skipping the engagement and instead just eloping on a beach, or in the country somewhere when the romantic mood is right." As Gossip Cop pointed out, however, choosing to elope doesn't mean a couple can't get engaged first. What was more, this wasn't the first time the site claimed the couple may go the elopement route, after previously offering such phony contentions in 2015 and 2017. In addition, weeks before this, it was reported that Stefani and Shelton weren't ready to get married. That meant they weren't planning to elope, either.

Come July, HollywoodLife decided to put together a fake news story about Stefani and Shelton "putting off an engagement." One more unidentifiable "source" alleged, "With Gwen's Vegas residency and Blake's constant touring and duties with 'The Voice' there really isn't anytime to get married." Obviously, this contradicted a number of the blog's previous stories. Furthermore, this supposed insight wasn't particularly noteworthy or unique. While the website was making it seem like it had a scoop, it was already readily apparent that the couple didn't have time to wed. As Gossip Cop noted, Stefani had concerts for her Las Vegas residency in July, and Shelton had to tape "The Voice" in August, both of which fans already knew. On top of that, Shelton himself had already said that while he thinks about marrying Stefani, it wouldn't happen "any time soon."

While for nearly two years the tabloids have largely focused on breakup, wedding and pregnancy stories, HollywoodLife has singlehandedly flooded the internet with concocted claims about Stefani and Shelton getting engaged. In each of the instances above, and many more not recounted here, the website has been wrong. As such, Gossip Cop will keep calling out the outlet as necessary, and we'll continue to hold all of the tabloids accountable when it comes to bogus Shelton-Stefani stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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