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Blake Shelton is not "scaring" Gwen Stefani as he supposedly "breaks down," despite a report. This rumor, which Gossip Cop already debunked once, wrongly makes it seem like the country superstar's health is jeopardizing their relationship. We can set the record straight again.

The National Enquirer claims Shelton is "causing trouble in paradise with his hard-living ways." In the wake of a recent slip on stage, the supermarket tabloid alleges he's "falling apart physically," which is said to be "an extra problem since Gwen is counting on Blake to have enough young blood to be a daddy to the baby that she's desperately trying to make." The magazine claims instead of focusing on conceiving, "now she has to worry about" Shelton "getting along with a bad back, plus a case of gout and failing hearing."

The magazine then repeats quotes from last week's Globe, in which it was claimed Stefani is worried Shelton is too unhealthy to have a baby with her. The same unnamed "source" is quoted as saying, "Gwen says he could solve his health issues by changing a few things — like wearing protective earplugs, eating better, and stretching and doing some light exercise." Another quote repeated word-for-word is, "She would love to have a child or two with him as soon as possible, and the last thing she wants is a deaf, crippled dad to deal with as well as a newborn."

But the Enquirer does add an additional contention, claiming, "Blake, however, is still at odds with Gwen during a tough year of trying to get in shape." The outlet then regurgitates its debunked allegation from December about Stefani putting Shelton on a diet. But just as we explained she had no concern about his wellness then, she still doesn't now.

Here's what's going on: After he had a fall on stage, one that Shelton later joked about on Twitter, the Globe sensationally manufactured a story about him being in poor health and his relationship with Stefani suffering as a result. And though Gossip Cop transparently busted the article piece by piece, its sister publication is now spreading the same misinformation days later. But it's still all misleading and largely inaccurate.

Neither tabloid explains that they are making the assertion about him suffering from gout and a bad back based on a lighthearted interview last fall in which Shelton joked about his age. In that same interview, he revealed that he likes exercising now "more than I ever have" in the past. But the magazines provide no context for the supposed ailments, and also don't mention his expressed interest in working out.

Also, as Gossip Cop pointed out in our previous bust, Shelton and Stefani have never said anything publicly about trying to have a baby together. What's also notable is that this reheated narrative is coming from the same outlet caught lying earlier this year about Stefani having a miscarriage. And that claim, albeit a false one, isn't even mentioned in this new tale about Shelton's health supposedly affecting her baby plans.

As for the contention that there's "trouble in paradise," that's provably wrong. This past weekend, Stefani documented a trip with Shelton and her sons. In one of the videos she shared, he and one of her the boys jump off a boat. Clearly, not only is their relationship fine, but so is his health. Shelton is not "breaking down," and Stefani has nothing to be "scared" about. Lastly, it should be noted that Stefani's spokesperson already denied this storyline, calling it "untrue."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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