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A certain website is claiming to know Blake Shelton "would love" to have a baby with Gwen Stefani but is "happy" just being a "stepdad." This tale comes from a fabrication factory that has repeatedly been wrong about Stefani being pregnant with their child. Gossip Cop can explain how it's clear this latest story is made-up, too.

There's an indication early on in this new piece that the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife don't know what they're talking about when it's asserted, "Blake Shelton has gushed about being a 'stepdad' to Gwen Stefani's three sons countless times." While it's true Shelton has spoken highly about spending time with Stefani's sons, he has never once referred to himself as the kids' "stepdad." Nor has Stefani. Such a contention is unequivocally false.

A second red flag appears when the site writes, "Blake would reportedly 'love' to become a biological father." If the blog really had a "source close to Blake," as it goes on to claim, it wouldn't need to say he "reportedly" wants to have kids of his own. The outlet should be able to confirm whether or not that's actually the case, and not put a cautious distance between itself and the allegation with "reportedly."

This so-called "source" supposedly tells the online publication that Shelton is "currently content with being a stepdad and is happy in that role." But he isn't a stepdad. He and Stefani are not married, so while he may be loosely fulfilling such a "role" with his actions, it is inaccurate to give him that title. That makes it hard to believe someone genuinely connected to Shelton actually made this comment.

The almost assuredly fictional insider is further quoted as saying, "The only thing that would make things different is if Gwen wanted to try having a baby with him, then Blake would be completely on board." This completely contradicts what the website has claimed in the past. In fact, since their relationship was first revealed in late 2015, the site has run more than a dozen stories about the couple having a child together.

Just to give a few of the more recent examples from the past year, HollywoodLies, as the blog is known, inaccurately claimed Stefani was pregnant with twins last July. In August, the outlet even insisted the songstress was "acting like she's pregnant." Then in October, the publication abandoned the pregnancy narrative and alleged Stefani and Shelton were "committed" to having a baby and using IVF to make it happen. That same month, there was an "exclusive" about how their shared "dream of starting a family" together was "bringing them even closer." And then to close out the year, it was said it was Stefani and Shelton's "Christmas wish" to have a baby in 2018.

To recap, as seen in the screengrab of the headlines below, in the course of less than 12 months, HollywoodLies went from claiming Stefani was pregnant to maintaining she and Shelton want a baby to now contending he will only try for a child if she wants one. If the website really had a "source," its stories would be consistent. They'd also be corroborated by credible outlets, which hasn't happened. This latest "exclusive" simply makes no sense when its inherent flaws and the site's disreputable past history are both examined.

It's also readily apparent just why the blog manufactured this article in the first place. Roughly two weeks ago, Shelton opened up on the "Today" show about how Stefani's kids have shown him how much he's "missed out" on by not being around children before this. Then, just two days ago, Shelton was photographed leaving church with Stefani and her sons on Easter. He was even carrying her youngest, Apollo.

Clearly those two events inspired HollywoodLies to concoct this post about Shelton being a "stepdad" and being open to having his own baby with Stefani. But just as it's transparently obvious what prompted this report, it's just as evident this story was made-up like the ones that came before it.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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