Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani “Baby Plans” For “Surrogacy & Adoption” Are Made-Up

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Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Baby Plans

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Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Baby Plans

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A certain website is claiming to know Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are discussing “baby plans” that include “surrogacy & adoption.” A rep for Stefani, however, confirms exclusively to Gossip Cop that this story was made-up. In fact, a look at the claims, along with the site’s track record, indicates it does not have real sources or insight.

But HollywoodLife wants readers to believe it has “exclusive details” on how Shelton is “ready to be a father,” emotions supposedly brought on in part by Mother’s Day. In bizarrely unnatural language, a so-called “source” uses the country superstar’s full name to assert, “Mother’s Day was rough for Blake Shelton.” It’s alleged the occasion, which he spent with Stefani and her sons, was a “sad reminder to him that he never had kids of his own.”

The blog’s supposed snitch goes on to contend that Shelton hasn’t “given up hope yet,” and that “he and Gwen have begun to discuss alternative ways they could have children together.” Claims the purported tipster, “From surrogacy to adoptions, everything is [a] viable option at this point.” Naturally, the outlet offers no real specifics, even though it maintains this subject was just “discussed on Mother’s Day.”

When and where, exactly, did this alleged conversation take place? What plan did they agree on? And whom did Shelton or Stefani then tell, who then turned around and shared such private information with a gossip publication? Notably, Gossip Cop already pointed out how Stefani and Shelton’s Mother’s Day exposed HollywoodLies as, well, liars. After the site claimed in one of its bogus “exclusives” that they’d be going on a trip for the holiday, the couple spent the day right in Los Angeles.

The website has yet to acknowledge its big flub, yet fans are supposed to trust that it now has accurate insight on the stars’ “baby plans.” But HollywoodLies’ issue with credibility runs much deeper than this recent example. As seen in the screengrab below, the blog has spent years falsely pretending to have inside knowledge on Stefani and Shelton having a baby. On top of our debunkings, time has proven the outlet to be clueless.

And Gossip Cop is told by a spokesperson for Stefani that the online publication is still making it up as it goes along, which is why its narratives are typically shown to be untrue. In March, Shelton did acknowledge on the “Today” show that he’s “missed out on a lot” by not having kids from birth, but he didn’t express any interest in changing that. But whether he and Stefani ultimately decide to have a child of their own, it should be evident that HollywoodLies does not have genuine details.



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