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A website is suddenly claiming Blake Shelton is "against having kids" with Gwen Stefani after spreading story after story about the couple having a baby together. This striking flip-flop underscores what Gossip Cop has said for years: HollywoodLife does not have real insight.

Though Shelton and Stefani having never openly discussed having a child of their own together, the site has spent years purporting to have "exclusives" on the topic. Amid many false pregnancy reports, the blog has peddled stories specifically focusing on how Shelton is eager to have a baby with Stefani. For example, more than a year ago, a headline stated, "Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Planning On Having A Baby? He Wants 'A Girl.'"

Last September, nearly a year ago at this point, the outlet announced, "Blake Shelton Hoping For A Child With Gwen Stefani After Adam Levine's Baby News." Then this past April, there was another piece titled, "Blake Shelton Would Love To Have A Baby With Gwen Stefani." And in May, the publication went as far as saying, "Blake Shelton & Gwen's Baby Plans: 'Surrogacy & Adoption' Were Discussed On Mother's Day." (See screengrabs below.)

But this week, the website is suddenly reversing course. Its latest article on the subject declares, "Blake Shelton Is 'Against' Having Kids With Gwen Stefani Right Now: Why His Feelings Changed." Gossip Cop is going to be blunt: Shelton's feelings didn't "change." Because he and Stefani still haven't confirmed any plans for a child, HollywoodLife is changing its storyline.

The blog is claiming it "exclusively learned" that Shelton is "actually NOT ready for parenthood" and has "cold feet when it comes to becoming a dad." Contends the site, "For months, the buzz has been that 'The Voice' judge couldn't wait to have a baby... But it appears that the country singer got a wake-up call." At no point does the outlet acknowledge that it manufactured all that "buzz." And like with those past stories, this one is supposedly based on a "source close to Blake."

The almost assuredly nonexistent tipster now claims, "Blake has had constant thoughts of being a father and when it gets to a fever pitch, he brings himself back to earth and decides against it." The alleged "reason" why is that he has "his hands full with Gwen's kids," which means the publication fails to realize Shelton isn't a full-time caregiver to Stefani's sons. She and ex-husband Gavin Rossdale share custody 50-50, according to their divorce settlement, and even still, Shelton isn't with Stefani 24/7 when she has the boys.

The website's seemingly fake "source" goes on to assert that "the freedom of [Shelton's] career is a big deterrent as well," as if he's suddenly busier than he's been in past years. In actuality, the country superstar is continuing with "The Voice" and touring as normal. The blog goes on to editorialize, "We're confident Blake will come around." That's the set-up for when the site decides to swing the pendulum back the other way and start churning out stories again about how Stefani may be pregnant and Shelton is desperate to be a father.

In fact, the outlet has the gall to write, "Now we have to squash the rumors that Gwen's secretly pregnant. A baggy T-shirt is just a baggy T-shirt." Uh, Gossip Cop "squashed" that "rumor," which was started by HollywoodLife itself, nearly three months ago, when the publication ridiculously tried to claim that a "baggy tee" was proof that Stefani was pregnant. The website ultimately concludes, "Now, let's shift our focus: Are Blake and Gwen secretly married? After all, they've been together since 2015."

Wait a second. Doesn't the blog have a "source close to Blake"? If that person actually existed, surely the site could find out whether or not they're "secretly married." And Gossip Cop isn't sure what being together since 2015 has to do with it. In 2017, this same outlet even claimed in yet another phony "exclusive" about Shelton and Stefani, "One thing they often bring up is how they could be the modern-day Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and be together forever but never get married." So this is another instance of the publication flip-flopping.

And for the record, Shelton has never publicly said whether he'd like to have a baby with Stefani. Last fall, Shelton told People that parental "instincts" have kicked in thanks to the time he spends with Stefani's sons, and in March, Shelton said that Stefani's kids have showed him he's "missed out" by not having children of his own. Whether he ultimately will some day seems to be up in the air. This much is clear: HollywoodLife sure doesn't know.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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