Blake Shelton On “Buddy” Miranda Lambert: “We’re Cool About This” (AUDIO)

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Blak Shelton Divorce Interview Bobby Bones

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Divorce Interview Bobby Bones

(The Bobby Bones Show)

Blake Shelton gave his first post-divorce interview on Wednesday’s “The Bobby Bones Show,” opening up for the first time about his split from Miranda Lambert. Listen below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Shelton and Lambert’s divorce was announced in July, the same day it became official via an Oklahoma judge. The process was carefully orchestrated. “We knew if rumblings and rumors started coming out, they would just be that. By the time anybody knew anything, it was over, it was done,” Shelton says now.

He further explains, “In Oklahoma, it happens so fast. Miranda and I didn’t have any kids, and we had our prenuptial agreement, whatever we had. So, once we filed for divorce, it was over in a nine- or 10-day waiting period.” In the aftermath, as Gossip Cop reported, Shelton poked fun at Lambert pregnancy rumors when the paparazzi staked him out. He now reflects, “I was like ‘Screw those guys! I’m going out there and let’s gonna give ’em something to talk about!”

“So I said, ‘Put that bottle of vodka in that stroller, and I’m gonna push it out to the car,'” remembers Shelton, which is exactly what he did. Lambert was amused by the stunt, an indication she and her fellow country music superstar wanted to remain on good terms. And now Shelton says that’s exactly the case.

“Our whole thing was: You know, we’re just going to be cool about this. It is what it is,” he tells Bones, adding, “We’re buddies.” Check out the full audio of Shelton’s interview below, with the divorce comments at the 7-minute mark. NOTE: The audio is no longer available.


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