Blake Shelton “Would Feel Lucky” To Marry Gwen Stefani Is Made-Up Story

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Blake Shelton Lucky Marry Gwen Stefani

By Holly Nicol |

Blake Shelton Lucky Marry Gwen Stefani

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A new report alleges Blake Shelton would feel “lucky” if Gwen Stefani married him, and while that’s probably true, the details of the story are entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can bust this claim, which comes from HollywoodLife. We’re told it’s “false.”

In its latest concoction, the often disproven website states the obvious, though purports it has been told by a Shelton “insider” that the country singer would be lucky to wed someone like Stefani. In bizarrely unnatural language, the outlet’s supposed “source” is quoted as saying, “Shelton jokes with Gwen that she is so hot and so down to earth that she’s like the ‘unicorn’ of girlfriends.” Aside from those seemingly fake quotes, the site offers little evidence to support its premise, other than claiming Stefani is “marriage material for sure.”

But Gossip Cop, dedicated to fact-checking, investigated into the claim, and it comes as no surprise that the fake news generator known as HollywoodLies has posted yet another made-up tale. An actual source close to Shelton assures us that the new story about the couple, like dozens of others, is entirely “false.” As we’ve previously noted in other busts, no one from Shelton’s trusted inner circle is talking to the gossip site, leaving HollywoodLife with no other option but to fabricate quotes from non-existent sources.

Of course, Gossip Cop busts the unreliable webloid on a regular basis. Just yesterday, we corrected the outlet for falsely alleging Shelton loved Stefani’s bikini body more than Miranda Lambert’s. That horribly sexist report, which oddly pit the two women against each other, was 100 percent made-up. It’s also the same site that wrongly claimed Shelton wanted Lambert to “get over” their divorce. Once again, the bad blog has been caught making up bogus stories and pretending to have related scoops. It’s all nonsense.

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