Blake Shelton’s Family Did NOT Say Gwen Stefani Is “Too Skinny,” Despite Report

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Blake Shelton Family Gwen Stefani Took Skinny

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Family Gwen Stefani Took Skinny


Blake Sheltons family did NOT say Gwen Stefani is “too skinny,” despite a new report that attempts to body shame the No Doubt front woman. Gossip Cop can correct the claim.

In the new issue that debuted on Tuesday, Life & Style alleges Shelton’s family thinks Stefani “could use a few helpings of good ol’ Southern food and sweet tea.” A so-called “family source” is quoted as saying, “They’ve all told Blake that they think Gwen is way too skinny. They keep saying, ‘She’s so skinny. We want to fatten her up!'”

Whether the allusion to Shelton’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert is intentional, the story is just cruel. The piece goes on to criticize Stefani’s eating and exercise habits, opining that it “won’t be easy” for Shelton’s family to get her to put some weight on her “slim size-4 figure.”

But beyond being mean-spirited, the report is just plain inaccurate. No one is expressing concern about Stefani’s body, let alone Shelton’s family. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind this is coming from Life & Style.

That’s the same outlet that falsely claimed more than a month ago that Shelton and Stefani were “over already.” And yet the photo above shows the couple looking perfectly happy just a few days ago. Life & Style is thin on the facts once again.


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