Blake Shelton Calls Out False Reports About Gwen Stefani Romance

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Blake Shelton False Reports Gwen Stefani

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton False Reports Gwen Stefani

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Blake Shelton is calling out false reports about his romance with Gwen Stefani.

Gossip Cop has been busting the wrong tabloid stories and inaccurate online rumors that have emerged since the couple confirmed their relationship earlier this month. Shelton himself has also been using Twitter to mock the various claims. On Thursday, he was moved to signal out some of the newer reports.

First, Shelton laughed off an “Entertainment Tonight” story about Stefani supposedly traveling to Oklahoma for a tour of his new home. The post even included pictures of an under-construction mansion. When a fan pointed out the story on Twitter, Shelton wrote back, “Ha!!!! Hope they didn’t pay much for that ‘exclusive’… Wrong house.”

A few hours later, a different fan wrote to the country superstar, “@blakeshelton is amazing in 3 wks you are friends dating pregnant broke up & I can’t find time to paint the kitchen!!” The singer replied with another hearty “Ha!!!!!!!!!”

It was just last week that Gossip Cop busted OK! for fabricating a cover story about Stefani supposedly being pregnant with Shelton’s baby. And on Wednesday, we debunked a Life & Style cover wrongly stating “The Voice” co-stars were “over already.” Whatever is or isn’t going on, Gossip Cop applauds Shelton for calling out the lies in his own amusing way.


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