Blake Shelton NOT “Disappointed” Luke Bryan Joined “American Idol,” Despite Report

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Blake Shelton Disappointed Luke Bryan American Idol

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Blake Shelton Disappointed Luke Bryan American Idol

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Blake Shelton is not “disappointed” Luke Bryan joined “American Idol” over “The Voice,” despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can correct this fabrication.

According to the serial fibbers at HollywoodLife, Shelton is “disappointed” with his “longtime pal” for joining the rival singing show, and now the two stars “will be going head to head in the ratings next spring.” In the piece, the outlet’s so-called “source” says in a seemingly manufactured quote, “Blake has been hoping for more country artists to join the panel of coaches on ‘The Voice,'” adding that Shelton was “a little jealous that ‘American Idol’ got Luke.” The website’s alleged “insider” further purports, “Blake isn’t going to lose sleep over it.”

But this is a wholly fabricated story. It’s already been reported that Shelton not only approves of Bryan’s new “American Idol” gig, but also encouraged him to take the job, which effectively debunks the site’s tale. In a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Shelton amusingly said of his fellow country artist, “I think people are going to realize just how dumb he really is when they see him on national television.” He went on to seriously add, “But they’re also going to see what a great, great dude that guy is. I love that guy like a brother.”

Shelton further said, “We had a lot of conversations about him joining ‘Idol’ and, I guess in a way, I gave him my thoughts on it and about how I felt about it on behalf of him. I’m sure the executives at ABC are really pissed at me right now for what they probably had to pay him to get him on that show. But good for you, Luke! Stick it to ’em!”

Bizarrely, this isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has busted the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies for posting bogus stories concerning “The Voice” judge and the show’s rival singing series. In 2015, we called out the site when it falsely claimed Miranda Lambert was joining “American Idol” to purposely hurt Shelton. In that similarly inaccurate report, the untrustworthy outlet wrongly asserted that Lambert was trying to find a way to “get back at Shelton” for his romance with Gwen Stefani, but of course, the entire article was wrong. And much like that untrue claim, this latest one is equally phony.