Blake Shelton Responds To Twitter Death Threat: “What A Dipsh*t”

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Blake Shelton Twitter Death Threat

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Twitter Death Threat

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Blake Shelton brushed off a death threat on Twitter on Friday as he continues to hit back at recent criticism of his personal life.

On Friday morning, a Twitter user with the handle “@stevenboepeven” tweeted, “@blakeshelton YOU’RE A DEAD MAN.” Shelton replied within the hour, asking, “Is this the part where I get scared?”

He continued, “Oh no!!! A Twitter threat!!! What will I do?!! What a dipsh*t….” The Twitter user, who also goes by Steven James Jordan, did not take too kindly to Shelton’s response, and fired off another inflammatory message to the country superstar. That sparked another reply from Shelton. “Awe… What’s the matter little buddy?” asked the singer. “Tell you what.. We’ll all take up a collection and try to get you laid!!”

A short time later, Steven’s Twitter account was suspended, after a number of other alarming messages were sent. One read, “MURDER THIS OCCULTIST CLOWN, THANK YOU, GOODBYE.” And another disturbingly stated, “IF HE DIDN’T WANT TO DIE, THAN [SIC] HE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN EXTORTING ME SUBLIMINALLY IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA FOR PUBLICITY.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Shelton also hit back at a Twitter hater on Thursday. “You used to be such a good person. Hollywood hit you and…man. It leaves some disappointed, that’s all,” wrote the former fan. “The Voice” coach replied, “Ohh… So you read that bullsh*t I was just talking about huh? Well.. Good luck!!!

At the time of the exchange, Shelton had joined fans in mocking the tabloid attention surrounding his apparent new relationship with Gwen Stefani, including the false rumor that they’re expecting a baby. Gossip Cop busted that claim on Wednesday.

But Shelton has more than just fan scrutiny on his mind. A few hours after the death threat, he returned to Twitter to share, “Wow… 25 years ago today we lost my brother Richie Shelton. He’s still my hero going strong. Wish everyone could’ve known him.” The tweet reminded Gossip Cop of something else Shelton had posted Thursday: “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… Take no sh*t people. Life is too short.”

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