Blake Shelton Never Joined “Dancing With The Stars,” Despite Report A Year Ago

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Blake Shelton DWTS

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Blake Shelton DWTS

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Blake Shelton still hasn’t traded in his cowboy boots for ballroom shoes, despite a report from a year ago about the country superstar potentially joining “Dancing with the Stars.” Gossip Cop called out the false story on January 22, 2017. Now 365 days later, time has proven we were right.

“‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 24 spoilers indicate that Blake Shelton might be joining the show this year,” Celeb Dirty Laundry claimed. Its story primarily hinged on Cheryl Burke saying at the People’s Choice Awards, where Shelton performed, that she’d like to pair up with the singer on the dance floor. “Would Blake be willing to sign up for the show?” asked the website.

But then the blog asserted, “Many insiders think there’s no way Blake Shelton will join the show,” and tried to connect his possible participation to his relationship with Gwen Stefani. “If there’s one person who will stop him from appearing on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ it’s Gwen,” alleged the outlet, maintaining that Stefani was supposedly “obsessed with her A-list status in the celebrity world,” and didn’t “want to see her boyfriend downgraded by participating on a reality television show.”

The online publication further tried to back away from its initial premise by adding, “As much as fans would love to see someone like Blake on the dance floor, many know there’s very little chance that it will happen anytime soon.” Yet CDL also added, “Fans will just have to wait and see if Blake will indeed join the show.” Actually, fans didn’t need to wait at all. Gossip Cop accurately reported that same day that Shelton was not going to compete on “Dancing with the Stars,” regardless of Stefani’s supposed feelings on the matter.

The site only made such claims because Burke innocently spoke about her dream partners, including Brad Pitt. She even admitted, “I always say people that would never do it.” CDL left that line out of its report, and apparently also failed to realize that Burke and Shelton actually spoke about dancing together on Twitter in 2015. But that didn’t mean he was joining “DWTS” back then and her later remarks didn’t mean he was actually in talks for season 24.

The cast ultimately did not include Shelton, nor was he one of the contestants during season 25 last fall. And since the upcoming “DWTS” mini-season will focus exclusively on athletes, the performer won’t be a part of that, either. “Dancing with the Stars” has featured a number of singers over the years, but no one should expect to actually see Shelton giving Burke a twirl.