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HollywoodLife once again appears to be making up sources for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert stories. These latest articles are all tied to this week's CMT Music Awards.

The fabrication factory started its narrative on Tuesday, asking in a headline, "Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert: Are They Headed For Run-In At CMT Awards?" The piece noted that the former spouses were both set to attend the awards show, and wondered if it would "get awkward." Because the webloid, however, had no information as to whether they'd actually cross paths, it resorted to asking readers, "Do you think Blake and Miranda will have a run-in at the CMT Awards?"

But it's not up to readers to guess what may or may not happen. HollywoodLies is supposed to be delivering news, not speculation and questions. The site changed tactics later in the day, now purporting to have "exclusive" information. "Gwen Stefani: Why 'She Couldn't Care Less' If Blake Shelton Runs Into Ex Miranda Lambert," stated the next headline.

As the title suggests, this piece was all about Stefani supposedly not minding if Shelton and Lambert interacted at the ceremony, based on a so-called "source close to the couple." But Gossip Cop has repeatedly demonstrated that HollywoodLies' Stefani and Shelton sources are typically fictional. Not surprisingly, though, on Wednesday, hours before the event, the outlet offered what it claimed was the country superstar's perspective.

The new headline asserted, "Blake Shelton Plans To Greet Miranda Lambert With A 'Smile' At The CMTs If He Has To." The online publication claimed to know, again based on a "source," that Shelton had a "friendly plan of action in place" should he run into Lambert at the awards show. Of course, the webloid also claimed in a separate piece to know Lambert's feelings. HollywoodLies is nothing if not well-rounded and equal-opportunity creative fiction.

"Miranda Lambert Hopes Blake Shelton Leaves Gwen Stefani At Home For CMT Awards," declared the headline of the fourth and final piece. Here a "source" was quoted as alleging Lambert was "over" her ex-husband, but feared he and his girlfriend would "put a damper on her special night." Now all bases were covered.

To recap, HollywoodLies first pointed out Shelton and Lambert would both be at the CMT Music Awards. Next came stories offering Stefani, Shelton and Lambert's perspectives. All were predicated on a "source," even though Gossip Cop has confirmed on multiple occasions that no one close to any of those stars is talking with the bad blog. It seems quite obvious the site just wanted to stir up the respective fan bases before the awards show and pretended to have insight.

We've all seen this before. After the ACM Awards in April, HollywoodLies peddled a bunch of "exclusives" about Shelton and Stefani's supposed reactions to Lambert's performance and speech at that ceremony. Those tales were all manufactured, and the only difference here is that the outlet ran its love triangle stories before the CMTs instead of after.

Frankly, given that Shelton performed "Every Time I Hear That Song" and Lambert sang "Pink Sunglasses" at the show, Gossip Cop is surprised the publication hasn't run follow-ups yet analyzing the exes' behavior. Those may still come, though, and we'll separate the fact from the fiction if needed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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