Blake Shelton Did NOT “Clap Back” At Miranda Lambert “With Help” From Luke Bryan, Despite Claim

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Blake Shelton Clap Back Miranda Lambert

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Blake Shelton Clap Back Miranda Lambert

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Blake Shelton did not “clap back” at Miranda Lambert “with help” from Luke Bryan, despite a claim. Gossip Cop can bust the wrong assumption. The exes are not feuding through recent performances.

Earlier this month, Lambert changed a lyric in her song “Little Red Wagon” from “I live in Oklahoma” to “I got the hell out of Oklahoma.” During her marriage to Shelton, she resided with him in the state. But following their divorce in 2015, she relocated and made Nashville her home base. Some interpreted the revised lyric to be a diss against her ex-husband.

Now Life & Style is claiming Shelton fired back with a performance of his own. Contends the tabloid, “Buddies Blake and Luke performed a seemingly innocent rendition of George Strait’s ‘All My Exes Live In Texas’ — but considering the fact that Miranda was recently called out for shading her husband, this choice of song hardly seems coincidental.” The gossip magazine asserts “fans are calling” the performance “Blake’s way of subtly shading his ex who is a proud Texas native.”

It is true Lambert is from Texas. She even has a song called “Texas As Hell,” which is about being a tough Texan woman. But here’s the problem with the outlet’s speculative claims: She doesn’t currently live in Texas. As noted above, Lambert is based in Nashville and has been for several years now. It makes no sense to allege Shelton dissed her by singing “All My Exes Live In Texas” when she doesn’t actually live in Texas.

Furthermore, the lyrics to the classic country song go: “All my exes live in Texas/And Texas is the place I’d dearly love to be/But all my exes live in Texas/And that’s why I hang my hat in Tennessee.” Shelton doesn’t live in Tennessee. But you know who does? Lambert.

It’s almost as if simply because Shelton covered a track that references “exes,” the publication jumped to the conclusion that it was “shade” towards Lambert. But looked at logically, that assumption doesn’t hold up. The tabloid also doesn’t mention that Shelton and Bryan didn’t only perform “All My Ex’s Live In Texas.” They also did a few other covers together.

And Gossip Cop would be remiss not to point out that Life & Style is hardly a reliable resource when it comes to the former couple. Two months ago, the magazine falsely claimed Lambert and Shelton were in a “new war.” That was a few weeks before wrongly alleging she was “coming between” him and Gwen Stefani. Though both country superstars have moved on in the two and a half years since their split, the gossip media still tries to link them whenever possible. But the outlet and its ilk should move on, too.