Blake Shelton NOT Cheating On Gwen Stefani, Despite Report

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Blake Shelton Cheating Gwen Stefani

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Blake Shelton Cheating Gwen Stefani

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Blake Shelton is not cheating on Gwen Stefani, despite a new report from a site that often publishes fake news. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabrication. We’re told it’s 100 percent untrue.

According to the often unreliable Celebrity Insider, “Shelton is cheating on Gwen.” The site adds, “In case you are wondering who is the lady that he’s cheating with, it’s Chloe Kohanski,” who was on Shelton’s team and won this past season’s “The Voice.” The outlet, which seemingly has no sources of its own, maintains without any proof that Stefani “does not like the fake student-teacher relationship” Shelton has with Kohanski.

Dredging up an already debunked claim, the repeatedly disproven website asserts that Stefani has since “canceled their wedding plans.” The outlet contends that following her first husband Gavin Rossdale’s purported unfaithfulness, “she is becoming more and more insecure these days” about Shelton. Written as if it was translated into English from another language, the blog writes, “Trust is an essential thing in a relationship and while this lacks from Gwen and Blake’s romance, there’s no point that these two get married.”

After wrongly stating that Shelton is cheating on Stefani with Kohanski without a single shred of evidence, the site editorializes at the end of its piece, “It would be such a pity to see this beautiful couple destroyed by cheating.” What wouldn’t be a pity is if the blog actually fact-checked its phony claims. Nor would it be a pity if the website developed legitimate sources to quote and lend credence to its stories.

Conversely, Gossip Cop has among the best entertainment sources and we scrupulously fact-check every article. For starters, on background a Shelton insider called the site’s claim that he’s “cheating on” Stefani “ridiculous.” Actually if the blog spent a minute looking into its story, it would have learned that Kohanski has a boyfriend.

Meanwhile, a Stefani confidante tells us the singer is not “insecure” or worried about her boyfriend having cheated on her because it’s completely untrue. Additionally, as Gossip Cop previously reported, Stefani did not call off her wedding to Shelton because never had marriage plans. And while they haven’t walked down the aisle, it doesn’t mean the two aren’t head over heels for one another. Shelton’s social media profiles feature photos of his girlfriend, and Stefani’s Instagram is filled with her and Shelton having fun.

Celebrity Insider has been falsely peddling that Stefani and Shelton are on the verge of a split for some time now. It was wrong last week. It’s wrong this week. And it will be wrong next week. It’s time the discredited blog stop publishing fake news about the couple.