Blake Shelton Did NOT Cheat With Cady Groves, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Blake Shelton Cheated Caty Groves

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Cheated Caty Groves

(In Touch)

Blake Shelton did NOT cheat with Cady Groves, despite an old, untrue rumor resurfacing due to his divorce with Miranda Lambert. Gossip Cop first debunked the allegation in 2013, and we can bust it again now. A rep for Shelton tells us exclusively that the claim is “absolutely false.”

As Gossip Cop reported more than two years ago, the claim of an affair between Shelton and Groves first came in a Life & Style cover story, which alleged Lambert had a “showdown with the other woman.” Both Shelton and Lambert, however, mocked the report on Twitter, and the allegation was discredited. But now that the stars divorced earlier this month, Life & Style’s sister publication In Touch has a new cover story in which Shelton’s “other woman” purports to “tell all.”

Groves recounts her supposed “fling” with Shelton, alleging they “hooked up” in 2011, just months after he wed Lambert. In Touch even quotes an unnamed “friend” of Groves as saying they “had sex… for at least a year,” until Shelton “broke her heart.” Groves now claims she’s on the verge of a “nervous breakdown” as Shelton and Lambert’s split has reheated the old allegations.

Of course, it’s Groves herself who is putting herself in the spotlight, seeking publicity by giving an interview to a tabloid magazine about her unsupported claims. A rep for Shelton exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the In Touch cover story is “absolutely false,” and further calls it an “injustice” that the magazine gave Groves a platform for her tall tales.


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