Blake Shelton NOT “Caught” With Miranda Lambert, Despite Report

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Blake Shelton Caught Miranda Lambert

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Caught Miranda Lambert

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Blake Shelton was NOT “caught” with Miranda Lambert, despite a 100 percent false report. Gossip Cop can debunk this resurfaced rumor for the second time.

Last week, RadarOnline wrongly claimed Shelton and Lambert had a “secret meeting” at an unnamed “Nashville gala.” Gossip Cop, however, exclusively learned that Shelton hadn’t been in the city since August, when he attended the ACM Honors. And while Lambert was also at the awards show, we confirmed the exes never crossed paths and therefore had zero interaction.

But now the webloid is spreading the misinformation once again. On Saturday, the site ran a story headlined, “Gwen Stefani Makes Out With Blake Shelton After He’s Caught With His Ex.” It’s said, “Gwen Stefani said earlier this week that she’s never been happier, but that may not be true after Blake Shelton’s latest stunt he pulled behind her back — he was caught with his ex Miranda Lambert!”

Babbling on about an alleged “betrayal,” the webloid merely regurgitates its already-refuted claims that “Shelton reunited with his ex-wife during a Nashville Gala, where the 40-year-old waited for Lambert, 32, backstage and ‘complimented her on her newest song, ‘Vice,’ said she looked amazing and asked to have a private word with her.'”

The outlet even has the gall to ask, “Do you think Blake and Gwen will last after his secret meeting with Miranda?” But again, Shelton was NOT “caught” with Lambert, and this “secret meeting” NEVER happened. It wasn’t true the first time RadarOnline claimed it, and it’s not true now. The site has simply been CAUGHT repeating a lie.

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Blake Shelton was caught with Miranda Lambert.


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