Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Baby News Cover

(Life and Style)

A tabloid cover story announcing "baby news" for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani was made up. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned the sourcing on the report is illegitimate, as no one close to the couple is publicly discussing such a topic. In fact, a rep for Stefani even tells us this article is the product of guesswork, not solid reporting.

It comes from Life & Style, which has a long history of making up similar tales. For example, exactly a year ago, the tabloid ran a cover story falsely announcing Stefani was pregnant and marrying Shelton. Of course, Gossip Cop busted the fictional claims, and time proved we were correct. Now 12 months after fudging those allegations, the gossip magazine wants readers to believe it really has authentic insight this time. Sure.

The new cover exclaims, "Blake & Gwen's Baby News: They're Having A Girl!" The outlet contends the pair thought Stefani was "pregnant recently, only to find out that she wasn't expecting. But now the determined stars are ramping up their efforts to conceive via IVF, and using gender selection to ensure they get the little girl they're both dreaming of." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Gwen successfully underwent the egg retrieval process. She will go back to have the embryos implanted soon!" But what person truly close to Stefani would share something so private and personal with the gossip media?

Yet this "insider" goes on to tell the outlet, "They don't know yet how many of Gwen's eggs were viable and resulted in embryos, but she is asking the doctor to transfer female embryos if it's an option." Continuing to divulge information that shouldn't be for public consumption, the publication's supposed source further maintains, "They have a higher probability of getting pregnant if Gwen has more than one embryo transferred. But Blake is concerned about it. What if they all take? He is ready to be a dad, but the possibility of twins or triplets is just daunting!"

The tabloid goes on to assert that the couple is "prioritizing having their baby girl over tying the knot." Claims the alleged tipster, "They would want the baby to be a part of their wedding and have decided to wait until her arrival to get married." But just three months ago, this very magazine announced Stefani and Shelton were "married" after having a backyard wedding. Then in August, the outlet flip-flopped, claiming Stefani and Shelton had "new tension" in their relationship. In that tale, an "insider" insisted, "Wedding talk and baby plans are on hold... Their future is very much up in the air."

Fast-forward to now, when Life & Style is again pretending it never published that "married" cover story, or even the pregnancy one from 2016. It also makes no mention of the "tension" or the "baby plans" supposedly having been "on hold." The inconsistencies and contradictions prove that real sources close to the duo are not talking to this publication. If they were, the angles wouldn't be changing all the time. And while it's possible Stefani and Shelton will have a child, her rep tells Gossip Cop that this latest cover story is a result of the tabloid "guessing" about their private life. In other words, don't look to the newsstands for verified news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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