Blake Shelton “Loves” How Gwen Stefani “Kisses Him” Is Fake News

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Blake Shelton Loves Gwen Stefani Kisses

By Holly Nicol |

Blake Shelton Loves Gwen Stefani Kisses

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A report claiming Blake Shelton “loves” how Gwen Stefani “kisses him” is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this piece of fake news, which was posted by HollywoodLife.

According to the often disproven website, Shelton and Stefani are “serious couple goals,” and there’s “one thing” the country star “loves” about his girlfriend. In the manufactured story, an alleged “Shelton” insider is quoted as saying, “Blake loves Gwen, they get along, they laugh and they have a very amazing relationship, but what locked him in and still does is the way she kisses him.” The outlet’s seemingly non-existent “source” goes on to purport, “Blake, like most people, doesn’t like a bad kisser.”

The supposed Shelton “source” continues, claiming in bizarrely unnatural language, “If [Stefani] was bad, it would have been the kiss of death because the physical needs to match the emotional and Blake is very happy with both.” What’s more, in another obvious concoction, the webloid’s serial fabricator further contends that “the feeling appears to be mutual as Gwen adores how her man plants smooches on her.”

Not surprisingly, the unreliable blog fails to mention its most recent report which falsely alleged the couple had split, claiming Shelton had “put an end” to their relationship. But after Gossip Cop exclusively debunked the tall tale, confirming Shelton did not dump Stefani, HollywoodLies attempted to cover its tracks by purporting to know Shelton’s reaction to rumors that he and Stefani split. Clearly, with this latest fabrication, the site is still trying to make up for its wrong report about the stars breaking up, hailing them as “couple goals.”

Once again, Gossip Cop is assured by an actual source close to Shelton that no one from the star’s trusted inner circle is talking to the bogus site, and calls the report “made-up.” Its penchant for posting contradictory stories about the couple is becoming increasingly tiresome, and Gossip Cop would love for the webloid to take its reporting seriously.

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