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Is Ryan Reynolds’ tendency for trolling troubling his wife, Blake Lively? One story says that being in lockdown with each other is making Lively reconsider her marriage entirely after one too many bits of silliness. Here’s what’s going on.

Blake Lively's Livid In Lockdown

The Globe reports that "Blake Ain't Laughin' At Joker Ryan!" The story, complete with a photo of the couple looking seriously unamused, says that Lively is "fed up with hubby Ryan Reynolds' juvenile practical jokes," and she's now "ordering him to knock it off!" The magazine reports that the embattled Lively's "nerves have been rubbed raw" being stuck in the house with her husband "after years of putting up with ridiculous Ryan's weird pranks," an unnamed source reveals.

"Ryan thinks it's hilarious to leave toy snakes and spiders around to scare her, blow into her face before he's brushed his teeth or switch the salt and sugar shakers," the snitch adds. "The more revolted she is, the funnier it is to him!"

While the humor was apparently welcome when they first started dating, the report says that it’s been grating on her for quite some time. "Years ago, Blake thought it was kind of cute, but eight years of being married to a jokester is all she can take," the snitch explains. "Blake thinks it's very infantile and wants Ryan to quit wasting money on dime-store tricks,” they conclude. “But everyone knows being silly is second nature to Ryan. He wouldn't know how to be serious for longer than five seconds if he tried!"

Ryan Reynolds, Infamous Prop Comic

To its credit, we’ll say this rumor does a good job of highlighting the difference between what an unfunny person thinks is funny and what an actually funny person does. Ryan Reynolds has cemented himself as one of the most audience-friendly stars with his sense of humor, so to challenge his status as the internet’s favorite combination of handsome and hilarious with something like bad breath and swapping sugar and salt is borderline offensive.

Of course, dragging his brand of comedy down to Little Rascals-esque tricks is ultimately as harmless as it is humorless, but we’ve got a serious problem with using that as some kind of slam about his marriage and social skills. He isn’t tormenting his wife with gross-out gags and “dime-store tricks,” which is a phrase we haven’t seen used so literally before.

Reynolds’ sense of humor is deceptively well-crafted, and his jokes essentially always punch up. If it isn’t something silly or universal like the weather or social interactions, he’s generally the butt of his own joke. There's a reason Deadpool brought in a billion dollars, and it wasn't because the titular merc with a mouth was using said mouth to burp in people's faces.

Blake Lively Is Pretty Dang Funny

Besides, we’re pretty sure the Gossip Girl star isn’t demanding her husband to stop spending tens of dollars on rubber snakes — aside from the fact that the couple’s finances are in incredible shape after Reynolds’ sale of Aviation Gin, we assume he’d be clever enough to buy rubber snakes in bulk. And it's not like Lively is some humorless and put-upon wife. This is the woman who drew shoes on her bare feet in a post that cutely poked fun at her husband; she's no stranger to silliness.

Earlier this week, she posted a very sweet — and amusing — message to her husband for his birthday. Apparently, the Van Wilder star wanted birthday pie, not cake, so while Lively indulged him, she didn't miss the opportunity to poke fun at him. It's clearly a two-way street for the couple, and it doesn't take an anonymous snitch to know that.

Given that this is the same tabloid that swore that Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn were being driven to split by quarantine squabbles and that Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were giving up on their health and getting fat in lockdown, we just can't believe that the Globe has any genuine insight into celebrity lives — especially in lockdown. Gossip Cop is happy to debunk any more fictional rumors, but at the very least, we hope this is the magazine's last shot at humor.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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