Blake Lively Accused Of Raising Shark Awareness To Promote ‘The Shallows’

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Blake Lively Shark Awareness Shallows

By Andrew Shuster |

Blake Lively Shark Awareness Shallows

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Blake Lively is raising awareness for shark conservation on social media, but many of the actress’s followers are accusing her of hypocrisy. Lively’s new movie, The Shallows, revolves around her fighting a great white shark, and some people believe that she’s only advocating for the endangered species to promote her film.

A recent Care2 petition, which has received nearly 45,000 signatures so far, is calling on the actress to donate one percent of her salary from The Shallows to shark conservation. The petition argues that Lively’s movie is “perpetuating the false belief that sharks should be hunted and not helped,” further noting, “For every human killed by a shark, humans kill approximately two million sharks.”

The petition also points out that “humans are overfishing the oceans, and destroying marine habitats,” resulting in many species of sharks becoming endangered, and their extinction “would result in a total imbalance in the ocean habitat.”

Lively hasn’t addressed the petition, but she did post a chart on Instagram showing that people have a greater chance of being killed by a mosquito than a shark. “I guess mosquito movies aren’t as scary?! Know the facts,” the actress wrote. “We’re forcing sharks into extinction with barbaric finning and ocean pollution.” She noted, “Separate fantasy from reality! #SaveAShark #TheShallows.”

In a subsequent post, Lively called on her fans to boycott restaurants that serve shark fin soup. But many of the actress’s followers feel she is having it both ways by simultaneously promoting shark conservation and a movie about a killer shark. One person wrote, “I find this post ironic, save a shark and you have to survive being eaten by one [in your movie].” Another person said, “This movie does not bring awareness at all. If anything she’s using her role by scaring people into thinking sharks are man eating blood thirsty animals and then having to reverse it by posting an Instagram picture.”

One follower argued, “If she really wanted to bring awareness then she would have starred in a documentary not a movie making millions of dollars,” while another person said, “Wait but you are starring in a movie that makes sharks out to be human hungry hunters… You create an image of sharks leaving everyone terrified of them when in reality they are endangered and need our help.”

Lively has yet to respond to the controversy surrounding her new film. Watch the trailer for The Shallows below.


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