Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds’ Comments About Each Other Before They Dated

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively wearing white at a Comic Con panel.

By Brianna Morton |

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively wearing white at a Comic Con panel.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the most popular power couples in Hollywood at the moment. At one point in time, however, they were just friends and co-stars. Looking back on their obvious chemistry during the press tour for Green Lantern, where they played love interests, it’s clear to see that they were destined to be together.

Ryan Reynolds couldn’t compliment Blake Lively enough

Both stars openly gushed about their onscreen romantic partners while promoting Green Lantern. When asked by an MTV reporter in 2010 what he thought about Lively being cast as his love interest, Reynolds responded, “Amazing. She’s…that girl is nobody’s fool… She’s going to be flawless. She’s gonna be perfect.” Reynolds’ wasn’t the only one raving about his co-star.

In a 2011 interview Lively did with Tribute, she spoke about working with Reynolds on Green Lantern. Lively recalled that it was “strange” for her to play a fighter pilot who also ran her own business, but working with Reynolds helped her get into character. “It’s great to work off of Ryan, too, you know,” Lively explained, “Because we’re very much challenging each other and sparring back and forth. So having that sort of dynamic helped make me feel like an empowered business woman because you have a strong man to combat with.”

Blake Lively calls Ryan Reynolds “disarmingly wonderful”

That wasn’t the only nice thing Lively had to say about her future husband. When asked by the interviewer about her experience working with the Deadpool star, Lively answered, “I think he does everything with such charm and heart. You really connect with him…he’s just disarmingly wonderful. He’s strong and he’s powerful, but he’s also sweet and vulnerable.”

It wasn’t just what they said about each other that demonstrated their attraction to one another. In an interview the pair did with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz, the two seemed absolutely at ease with each other. Reynolds’ hand rested on the back of Lively’s chair and throughout the interview, the two joked and laughed together like old friends.

The final breakthrough for the soon-to-be spouses

Though Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson at the time, the two soon split. Lively and Reynolds found themselves both single at the same time. Even still, it didn’t occur to either of them, though they were good friends, to get together. It wasn’t until a disastrous double date that the two even considered the possibility. The rest of their love story speaks for itself.

The famous couple have been married since 2012, but that doesn’t keep tabloids from speculating about Lively and Reynolds splitting up. Just a few months ago, OK! claimed Reynolds and Lively had saved their marriage after nearly divorcing. Gossip Cop debunked it immediately. We pointed out that the couple had recently welcomed their third child and constantly posted loving messages to their partner on social media. Perhaps if they spent more time researching real stories, this tabloid wouldn’t have to print total fiction.