Blake Lively: Woody Allen Rape Joke At Cannes “Wasn’t Funny”

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Blake Lively Woody Allen Rape Joke

By Andrew Shuster |

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Blake Lively, who co-stars in the new Woody Allen movie Cafe Society, has responded to the controversial rape joke made during the Cannes Film Festival’s opening night ceremony, insisting it “wasn’t funny.”

At Wednesday night’s premiere of Cafe Society, French comedian Laurent Lafitte, who served as the master of ceremonies, said to Allen from the stage, “It’s very nice that you’ve been shooting so many movies in Europe, even if you are not being convicted for rape in the U.S.” The joke came on the heels of an essay written by Allen’s estranged son, Ronan Farrow, who blasted the media for mostly ignoring his sister Dylan’s sexual assault accusations against their father.

“I think any jokes about rape, homophobia or Hitler is not a joke,” Lively told Variety about Lafitte’s opening routine. “I think that was a hard thing swallow in 30 seconds. Film festivals are such a beautiful, respectful festivals of film and artists and to have that, it felt like it wouldn’t have happened if it was in the 1940s. I can’t imagine Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby going out and doing that. It was more disappointing for the artists in the room that someone was going up there making jokes about something that wasn’t funny.”

The actress goes on to say the comedian’s offensive material wasn’t aimed at “just Woody,” noting, “He made three homophobic comments in a row. A Hitler joke. And a rape joke. It was all within 30 seconds. What on Earth was happening? It was really confusing.” For Allen’s part, the filmmaker had a less adverse reaction to the barb. “I am completely in favor of comedians making any jokes they want,” he told Variety. “I am a non-judgmental or [non]-censorship person on jokes. I’m a comic myself and I feel they should be free to make whatever jokes they want.” The writer/director added, “It would take a lot to offend me.”


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