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Blake Lively is not pregnant with twins, despite a speculative cover story. Gossip Cop can correct this claim. Not only do sources say she's not currently expecting two kids with Ryan Reynolds, but the actress herself said she's not pregnant with even one baby right now.

On the cover of its latest issue, OK! exclaims, "Blake & Ryan Twins!" The tabloid's front page also notes "they want a boy and girl," that Lively is experiencing "bizarre pregnancy craving," and alleges to have a photo of their "over-the-top nursery." Inside the magazine, its maintained the actress might "already be pregnant" with her third and fourth children. Lively and Reynolds, of course, are parents to daughters James and Inez ("Nezzie"). A so-called source asserts, "They've always envisioned having their kids close in age, so right now the timing would be perfect," adding they're "hoping for twins."

The same alleged insider continues, "They've always talked about having more kids and how fun it would be to have a boy and a girl at once. Plus, it would make it an even four." It appears the supposed source isn't that close to the couple, and isn't very good at math either. If they have a boy and a girl, they'd then have three daughters and one boy. Perhaps the questionable tipster forgot that their eldest James is a girl.

Trying to support its premise, the tabloid contends, "Blake's calendar is also clear" to have another baby or two. It points how how A Simple Plan us hitting theaters and her thriller The Rhythm Section is currently in post-production. The outlet, however, neglects to mention that Lively has signed to star and executive produce The Husband's Secret from the same author of Big Little Lies.

Towards the end of its article, the magazine's "source" noncommittally offers, "There are whispers that she's already started designing an over-the-top nursery... to make it fit for a little prince or princess or both." Wait, the tabloid starts off by announcing Lively is pregnant with "twins," but concludes she may be pregnant with a boy or a girl or both. That's not exactly solid reporting.

Additionally, the cover definitively states it has a "first look at [the babies'] over-the-top nursery," but by the last paragraph of the story, it downgrades all of it to "whispers" that she's expecting and speculates what the nursery might look like. In actuality, the picture of the alleged "nursery" that's on the cover is just a stock photo used by several home furnishing sites.

Also, not only do sources promoting A Simple Plan tell Gossip Cop that Lively is not pregnant, but also while she was talking about the movie on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday, the actress herself said it. At one point, as Lively discussed the film and parenting with Robin Roberts, the actress recalled recently explaining to one of her daughters what a wedding anniversary meant. "She's like, 'What is it, does it mean you're having another baby today?' and I was like, 'Dear God, no.'"

Meanwhile, the actress doesn't even look like she's expecting one child, let alone twins. On Monday, Lively wore a sheer top to the premiere of A Simple Plan that left little to the imagination. And even OK! would have a hard time claiming she looked pregnant in that outfit.

That tabloid, however, doesn't have the best record when reporting on the married stars. In March, for instance, Gossip Cop corrected the magazine when it falsely reported Lively and Reynolds were headed for a split because they led separate lives. And this past May, the same outlet claimed Lively was already pregnant with her and Reynolds' third child. Not surprisingly, neither of those errors are mentioned in the current and equally inaccurate cover story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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