Blake Lively, Jimmy Fallon Do “Dance Battle” On “Tonight Show”

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Blake Lively Jimmy Fallon Dance Battle

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Lively Jimmy Fallon Dance Battle


Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon competed in a “dance battle” on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” And one of them was left injured. Watch the video below!

Prior to the broadcast’s airing, Lively teased on Instagram, “WATCH @fallontonight TONIGHT to see the new trailer premiere of @aisiymovie! But mostly, to see how I banged up my (glittered) knee on air.” Accompanying the caption was a photo of the actress’ sparkly leg with a bruise and tiny cuts just below the knee. As viewers later saw, the competition was both epic and, apparently, painful.

Fallon explained on the late-night show that his “Dance Move Generator” would “randomly select a never-before-seen dance move,” and “whoever’s turn it is has to make up a dance for that move.” He declared, “May the best dancer win.” As the guest, Lively went first and was assigned “Trying To Pretend You Don’t Have A Wedgie.” She self-deprecatingly joked, “I’ve sort of been doing that this whole interview.” With The Roots providing a beat, Lively danced out the action and even used Fallon as a shield for her butt-picking. “I was able to successfully pick my wedgie,” she let everyone know afterward.

Fallon’s first move was “The Catching The Bouquet.” Other amusing styles included “Ballerina Who Keeps Dropping Marbles,” which had Lively doing “floor work” and a pratfall that actually had the host concerned for her safety. That concern was well-placed given the battle scar the star was left with at the end of the segment. Sharing additional photos from the taping on Instagram, Lively cracked, “More things that happen tonight. And can’t be deleted from the internet, like ever.” Mind you, she was wearing a dress and heels the whole time.

Prior to all the dancing, Lively sat with Fallon for a traditional chat, talking about her new movie, All I See Is You, and her daughters with husband Ryan Reynolds. Check out the videos below!

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