Blake Lively And Jimmy Fallon Play “Password” On “Tonight Show” With Joel And Benji Madden (VIDEO)

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Blake Lively Jimmy Fallon Password Video

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Lively Jimmy Fallon Password Video


Blake Lively and Jimmy Fallon faced off against Joel and Benji Madden in a game of “Password” on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch below!

“It’s gonna get real,” Fallon predicted before the match began, though Lively seemed to be confused about the rules. The host told her, “You’ve got to hold [the card] away from me, ’cause I’ll cheat.” Interestingly, the actress then chose to pucker her lips and say “pooch,” and Fallon managed to figure out the word was “smooch.”

It was then the brothers’ turn, and Joel screwed up right off the bad by offering a two-word clue when only one is permitted. Benji, however, came to his defense, arguing that “bungee-smuggler” is hyphenated, and therefore acceptable. The ruling was reversed in their favor, and Benji correctly guessed that the answer was “Speedo.”

With the score tied, Benji struggled to describe “quesadilla” in just one word before simply saying “cheese.” Fallon answered “queso” to Lively’s “Mexican” clue, after which Benji hinted to Joel that that was “close.” Unfortunately, the Good Charlotte singer went with “nacho.”

The ball was then back in Fallon and Lively’s court, and this time he didn’t need her to say anything at all. But the final round tripped them up again. Check out the video below to find out which team won!


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