Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds NOT Cheating On Each Other, Despite Report

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Blake Lively Cheating Ryan Reynolds

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Lively Cheating Ryan Reynolds

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are NOT cheating on each other, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which throws out a bunch of wild allegations. None of them, however, are true.

On Thursday, GamenGuide published an article with the headline, “Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Divorce: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Ex Caught ‘Deadpool’ Star Cheating With Morena Baccarin? ‘Titanic’ Actor Pursuing ‘Gossip Girl’ Actress Again?” And yet the piece starts off on a rather different topic. It begins, “Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are reportedly having a problem on their marriage as of the moment. Now, new reports are claiming that the ‘Deadpool’ actor is blaming Taylor Swift and Leonardo DiCaprio as the main reason behind their failing marriage.”

“According to reports, Ryan Reynolds was enraged after learning that Blake Lively is spending more time with Taylor Swift and the rest of their squad than taking care of their kids. Informants have stated that the ‘Deadpool’ actor even slammed the ‘Gossip Girl’ lead actress for her poor parenting skills,” claims the outlet.

The publication goes on, “Aside from Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds is reportedly also blaming Leonardo DiCaprio for his failing marriage with Blake Lively. Insiders have stated that the ‘Gossip Girl’ actress is secretly seeing the ‘Titanic’ actor behind the ‘Deadpool’ star’s back. There are even claims saying that Blake Lively still has feelings for Leonardo DiCaprio. This then sparked other rumors claiming that the ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Titanic’ actor could possibly be cheating on Ryan Reynolds.”

Oh, but there’s more. It’s further alleged, “Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are cheating on each other. According to reports, the ‘Deadpool’ actor has been secretly hooking up with Morena Baccarin. Informants have stated that Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin have been secretly dating since they started filming for the ‘Deadpool’ movie. According to rumors, the husband of Blake Lively had fallen head over heels for his co-star.”

GamenGuide finishes its ridiculous story by noting that Reynolds and Lively have “yet to comment on these reports.” That’s because they are laughably untrue. And they come from the same outlet that almost exactly a month ago ran an even more outrageous article claiming Lively was being “abused” by Reynolds. Tellingly, that very serious allegation isn’t mentioned anywhere in this new piece.

Gamenguide is throwing a bunch of things against the wall, but none of it is sticking. From top to bottom, the posts are filled with lies. Gossip Cop has already debunked claims that Lively and Reynolds are divorcing and allegations that Swift and other friends are coming between them. The assertions about DiCaprio and Baccarin are equally false. Don’t fall for any of it.

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