Happy Birthday Blake Lively! Gossip Cop Blows Out Wrong Rumors In Her Honor

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Blake Lively Birthday Rumors

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Lively Birthday Rumors

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Blake Lively is celebrating her 28th birthday on Tuesday, after a milestone year that saw her welcome her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds. Gossip Cop has been reporting on Lively since we launched back in 2009, and in honor of the occasion, we’re taking a look back at some of the bad gossip we’ve busted about the “Gossip Girl” star over the years.

In 2010, the National Enquirer alleged Lively wanted to “shed her teeny-bopper image by shedding her clothes for Playboy!” The tabloid even said the actress was seeking a $2.5 million payday in exchange for posing nude. Lively’s rep, however, exclusively told Gossip Cop, “Nothing about that is true. There’s not one ounce of truth to it.” Lively has been featured in countless magazines since then and not one of them was Playboy.

The next year, X17Online said Lively was poised to go from one iconic New York City show to another by starring in a big-screen prequel to “Sex and the City.” The outlet claimed the actress was being eyed to portray a 19-year-old Carrie Bradshaw. Of course, the project never materialized because there was “no truth” to the allegation, as Lively’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop.

Amazingly, that wasn’t the only time Lively was linked to “Sex and the City.” Later in 2011, the Daily Mail said Lively would take on Kim Cattrall’s Samantha role for a film adaptation co-starring Selena Gomez, Elizabeth Olsen, and Emma Roberts. Reps all for the stars told Gossip Cop there was “no truth” to the “rumor.”

One of Gossip Cop’s favorite Lively debunkings came in 2012, when Star published a story claiming her romance with Reynolds was on the rocks, as he was “absolutely against getting married.” A source close to the couple exclusively told Gossip Cop that the report was not only “ridiculous,” but that Lively and Reynolds were perfectly happy. Sure enough, they got married less than a week later.

A few months later, in early 2013, RadarOnline alleged Lively’s former “Gossip Girl” co-stars were “infuriated” over her supposed refusal to sign on to a movie sequel. The actress was supposedly getting “pressure” to agree to the film, but was said to be “desperate to avoid it.” In actuality, there was never any film in the works, and Lively’s rep even told Gossip Cop the star “was unaware there was even a ‘Gossip Girl’ movie” for her to supposedly avoid doing.

A straight-up bizarre rumor came in 2014, when In Touch said Lively was obsessed with frosting (yes, frosting) during her pregnancy, and was even dipping carrots into it. But while it’s no secret that Lively is both a fan of baking and desserts, the alleged “craving” was a tabloid creation. Lively’s rep exclusively slammed the story to Gossip Cop, calling it “all lies.”

And that brings us to this year. In February, Us Weekly announced that Lively and Reynolds had both posed in their birthday suits for the annual Allure “Naked Issue.” Even the couple’s baby James was said to have taken part. But the magazine was embarrassingly wrong. Lively’s rep exclusively told Gossip Cop that she did a cover shoot completely clothed and without Reynolds and their daughter. Indeed, when the Allure issue in question later hit newsstands in April, there was nary a naked photo of Lively or Reynolds to be found.

Gossip Cop has no doubt the gossip mill will continue to churn out false tales about Lively, her career, and her relationship with Reynolds. But we’ll still be here to correct it all. In the meantime, Gossip Cop sincerely wishes Lively a happy and rumor-free birthday.


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