OK! Flip-Flips On Blac Chyna Being Pregnant With Rob Kardashian’s Baby

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Blac Chyna Pregnant Baby Bump Rumors

By Shari Weiss |

Blac Chyna Pregnant Baby Bump Rumors


Is Blac Chyna pregnant? If you’re wondering, don’t look to OK! for information, because the tabloid just totally flip-flopped on whether she’s expecting a baby with Rob Kardashian.

Last week, OK! suggested Chyna was pregnant, and posted photos of what it called a “possible baby bump.” Now fast-forward to Saturday, when the magazine announced on its website, “Blac Chyna May Not Be Pregnant After All!” Oh?

In a new photo gallery, the outlet declares, “Blac Chyna Responds To Pregnancy Rumors During A Steamy Night Out With Rob Kardashian!” In actuality, Chyna didn’t “respond” to anything, and it was OK! that spread the rumors in the first place. But now the tabloid is using a new batch of pictures to support its flip-flop on the pregnancy possibility.

Along with bump-less pictures of Chyna partying at a night club on Friday (see above), the gossip rag back-tracked on its previous claim, writing, “By the looks of it, the two of them are not expecting a little one just yet!” The outlet even pointed out its own stupidity by going on to write, “Over the weeks, there has been speculation that Blac Chyna is pregnant, considering she was seen with a bump during their vacation in Jamaica just weeks ago.”

The magazine even said in a “baby watch” update earlier this week that Chyna was looking “fuller.” And there’s been several other similar stories asking “baby on board?” “baby alert?” and one earlier this month that was even headlined, “OK! Exclusive: Blac Chyna Pregnancy — Top 5 Signs Rob Kardashian Is Going To Be A Dad!” Now, despite at least five posts about a supposed pregnancy, the tabloid has done a total 180.

For the record, there’s been no confirmed information about Blac Chyna being pregnant. But Gossip Cop can confidently say this: OK! doesn’t actually have a clue what is or isn’t going on.


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