Blac Chyna is still not "pregnant again," one year after a webloid falsely claimed she was expecting another child with Rob Kardashian. What's more is that the couple isn't even together anymore. Gossip Cop is looking back at this debunking from January 16, 2017 to see how it held up over time.

This time last year, MediaTakeOut was blaring in a headline, "Whoops He Did It AGAIN... Chyna's PREGNANT AGAIN... With Rob's SECOND Child!!!" The notoriously inaccurate webloid claimed to have "top sources" who "confirmed" Chyna was "pregnant" after just welcoming their daughter Dream two months prior. The site insisted, "It's not a rumor y'all — these are FACTS!!!"

The outlet went on to cite a "ROCK SOLID SNITCH close to Angela K," a reference to Chyna as "Angela Kardashian," who supposedly told them that "Rob's future wife is EXPECTING." This "insider" was quoted as saying, "They weren't planning on anything, it just happened... Angela was trying to lose her baby weight, oh well."

The blog further asserted, "We're told to expect an announcement as soon as next week." Well, 52 weeks have gone by and there's never been any "announcement" about a second pregnancy. And while MediaFakeOut maintained it had "pregnancy pics," it merely posted pictures of Chyna outside of a night club. Nothing about the photos supported the online publication's assertion that she was pregnant. Multiple reputable outlets ran the same snapshots and none of them used them to claim she had a baby on board.

What was also noteworthy was that while MTO was claiming Kardashian impregnated Chyna "again," the webloid previously alleged he was "not the father" of Dream. So the site went from contending he wasn't the real dad of their first child to asserting they were now having a second. Of course, time has proven the blog was mistaken on both counts, just as Gossip Cop said back then.

Chyna was never "pregnant again," and, as seen in recent photos Kardashian has posted on Twitter, Dream is looking more and more like her pops every day. Just as notable is that a month after the false pregnancy report, Kardashian and Chyna actually split. And far from having a second child together, the two ended up in a custody war that July after the "KUWTK" star ranted about his ex on social media and posted nude photos of her online.

They've since both accused the other of assault and they have dueling lawsuits that are still ongoing. So, no, Chyna wasn't pregnant again with Kardashian's second child. MediaTakeOut was wrong again.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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