Blac Chyna NOT Offered Adidas Shoe Deal, Despite Report

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Blac Chyna Adidas Shoe Deal

By Shari Weiss |

Blac Chyna Adidas Shoe Deal

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Blac Chyna has NOT been offered a shoe deal with Adidas, despite a report. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

TMZ announced early Wednesday, “Blac Chyna’s Close To Sealing Her Own Deal With Adidas.” The story specifically alleged the star was “in talks” with the company and had been “offered her a two-shoe contract, with an option for a third.” It was further claimed that in addition to collaborating on shoes, “Adidas wants Chyna to appear at media events and wear the athletic gear out in public.”

It was also asserted, however, that Chyna was objecting to a payment offer of $250,000 and wanted a higher dollar figure. The generally reliable outlet noted her lawyer, Walter Mosley, was handling the negotiations. But in actuality, there is NO negotiations and NO offer for a deal.

In fact, it seems the site was duped by whoever fed them the story. The piece sounds like it came from Chyna’s camp, and TMZ ran with it without fact-checking the claims with the other side. Now Adidas is going on record to dismiss the report as “speculation,” further saying they can’t confirm any of the allegations.

To TMZ’s credit, the online publication ran a follow-up story acknowledging that Adidas had now told them there’s nothing in the works with Chyna. But perhaps if the outlet investigated further and had spoken to both sides at the start, we wouldn’t have had this fake news, which led to many inaccurate copycat reports, in the first place.

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Blac Chyna was offered a deal with Adidas.

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