Blac Chyna is not planning to "destroy" the Kardashians, despite a tabloid report that was picked up online. Gossip Cop can debunk the claims.

The Mirror is announcing on its website on Tuesday, "Blac Chyna 'to destroy' the Kardashians using explosive secrets BLABBED by her ex Rob Kardashian." The U.K. paper asserts Chyna "wants to single-handedly topple the Kardashian empire" and is "sitting on a whole raft of information that could blow the brand apart." These claims are picked up from Heat, in which a supposed source is quoted as saying, "The whole family underestimated Chyna."

"They're expecting her to go away, but she's lining up all kinds of schemes that could have a terrible impact on the family, and their brand as a whole," the tabloid's alleged tipster contends. According to The Mirror, the gossip magazine's article maintains, "Rob blabbed to her about everything from the family's surgery secrets through to their most toe-curling scandals." And though the outlet notes Chyna signed a non-disclosure agreement, the publication says, "It's apparently not been enough to calm the family though, with Heat's source adding that they're turning on each other in a state of blind panic."

But if The Mirror knows about the non-disclosure agreement, it also should knon better than to believe the Heat story. The NDA specifically states Chyna "shall not at any time disclose, publicly or privately, any information which is in any way, fashion or manner related to, associated with or connected to the Kardashian family/Jenner family/Disick family/West family and/or their personal relationships, their business activities, plans, operations, finances or employees." There would be serious financial repercussions if Chyna went against that contract by "using explosive secrets blabbed" by Kardashian.

In fact, some have already raised questions about the legality of Chyna speaking about Kardashian in an interview about their restraining order case. So the notion that she's going to dish on the rest of his family is extremely unlikely. Secondly, the contention that the clan is "expecting her to go away" is also flawed. Chyna and Kardashian have a child together. They are going to be linked for life through Dream, and fully intend to share custody. Both sides are going to have to continue dealing with one another because the Kardashians have every intention of being a part of the little girl's life.

Lastly, no one close to either camp is talking to Heat, of all places, about this situation. The British tabloid is internationally known for making up stories, such as a 2015 tale Gossip Cop busted about Kris Jenner setting up Kardashian with Jennifer Lawrence. That's the level of accuracy, or inaccuracy, we're dealing with here. Gossip Cop doesn't expect Chyna and the Kardashians to play nice, and some shots will certainly be taken on upcoming episodes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." But it's simply not true Chyna plans to "destroy" the family by spilling on everything from "surgery secrets through to their most toe-curling scandals."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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