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Blac Chyna does not actually "suspect" the Kardashians are "behind" this week's leak of an explicit tape, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this story. A lawyer for Chyna exclusively tells us the claim is not true.

Earlier this week, private footage of Chyna and a partner surfaced online. Now HollywoodLife is claiming to have "exclusive" details on why the model thinks the Kardashians are responsible." A so-called "source close to Blac" is quoted as saying, "Blac suspects that Kris [Jenner], Kim [Kardashian], or someone inside the Kardashian family is somehow involved." Let Gossip Cop pause for a moment to point out that Chyna isn't typically referred to as "Blac." Those close to her usually call her "Chyna" or "Angela," her birth name. That's one sign that this article was wholly fabricated. For instance, when the reputable People reported how she was "upset" over the tape leaking, she was only referred to as "Chyna."

The site's seemingly fictitious "source" goes on to rant about how the Kardashians and Jenner have allegedly done Chyna wrong, adding, "Blac can't help but think that Kris is somehow responsible for the latest... leaks." Well, the second sign that this is entirely made-up is that no respected publication has reported anything similar. While a number of credible outlets have written about Chyna's situation this week, none have claimed that she "suspects" the Kardashian-Jenners are "involved."

At one point in this story, the blog editorializes, "These are some pretty strong allegations, right?" Yes, they are. In fact, one could argue they're potentially defamatory. Considering Chyna and the Kardashian family are currently embroiled in dueling lawsuits, either side could try to use bad-mouthing in the media as an actionable offense. It makes no sense that Chyna would jeopardize her case by having someone disparage the clan the like this. It would do her no good to have someone "close" to her make public accusations without evidence.

That's just another sign this is a bogus tall tale. But here's the ultimate sign: As opposed to HollywoodLife's unnamed and untraceable "source," Gossip Cop spoke with Lisa Bloom, one of Chyna's attorneys. She exclusively tells us on the record that they filed a police report today regarding the stolen, leaked material and "no one suggested" the incident "was related to the Kardashians." If Chyna really thought the Kardashians may be "responsible," why wouldn't she report that to the cops? Obviously, she doesn't really believe that to be the case, contrary to this story's claims.

It's possible HollywoodLies, as the site is known due to its tendency to spread fake news, concocted this narrative because Rob Kardashian last year was responsible for sharing online intimate photos and videos of her, leading Chyna to get a restraining order. But there's no indication he and his family are connected to the current developments, nor are Chyna and her legal team pursuing that as a possibility.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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