Blac Chyna Bentley NOT Repossessed, Despite Claims

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Blac Chyna Car Repossessed

By Shari Weiss |

Blac Chyna Car Repossessed

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A Bentley belonging to Blac Chyna was not repossessed this week, despite claims circulating online. The speculation was sparked after video surfaced of a car being towed away as the star spoke with police. But Gossip Cop can reveal the truth about the footage.

Over the last few days, multiple sites and message boards have showcased video of Chyna being confronted by the cops near a California gas station. Paparazzi filmed the encounter, in which she is seen signing paperwork. The clip ends with the Bentley getting towed. The footage is being used to claim Chyna’s car was just repossessed. “We don’t know if Rob [Kardashian] was behind this, but we will keep you posted,” wrote one outlet.

Well, Kardashian was not “behind this,” nor did Chyna herself do anything wrong. The video in question is actually from 2014, and the car belonged to Tyga. While she was the one driving it at the time, it was the rapper’s vehicle, and it was repossessed due to his own failure to make payments. Footage from three years ago is shamefully being used to spread the false narrative that Chyna just had her own car repossessed now, but it is simply not true. A rep even tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “Chyna recently purchased a Bentley truck a few days ago and that was not towed or repossessed.”

As Gossip Cop has reported, Tyga has had a number of car issues over the years. Last year, for example, Tyga was sued by a car loan company that wanted to repossess his Lamborghini because he owed nearly $450,000 in back payments for that car, as well as for another Bentley he received financing for in 2015. The music star has had similar financial problems with landlords who have accused him of failing to pay rent. Unfortunately, this years-old mess was not Chyna’s fault, and she’s wrongly being accused of something that simply did not happen now.

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