Birdman And Young Thug NOT “Indicted In A Conspiracy To Kill Lil Wayne,” Despite Inaccurate Report

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Birdman Young Thug Lil Wayne

By Michael Lewittes |

Birdman Young Thug Lil Wayne

(Us Weekly)

Birdman and Young Thug were NOT “indicted in a conspiracy to kill Lil Wayne,” despite a sloppy, wholly inaccurate, and possibly libelous report from one of the tabloids. The two were simply mentioned in the indictment of someone else.

Us Weekly, in it’s rush to take another outlet’s reporting, made that glaring mistake. And it’s a big one, because there’s a HUGE difference between being indicted and charged with conspiracy to kill someone, in this case Lil Wayne, and just being mentioned by name in the indictment of the actual person who was charged with attempted murder. The person who was actually indicted, as Gossip Cop accurately reported in May, was Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, Young Thug’s road manager. Winfrey — not Birdman or Young Thug — was charged with shooting at Lil Wayne’s tour bus on April 26 after the rapper had just finished performing at the Atlanta club Compound.

Us Weekly didn’t make the horrendous error just once. It published a headline that read, “Birdman, Young Thug Indicted in Conspiracy to Kill Lil Wayne: Report” and it stated in the body of its inaccurate story, “Birdman and his associate Young Thug were recently indicted in a conspiracy to kill Lil Wayne.” It’s wrong.

Interestingly, Us Weekly which often doesn’t mention the credible sources from which it takes its information, this time noted that it came from “a new report from Atlanta’s ABC affiliate, WSB-TV.” Unlike Us Weekly, which repeatedly stated Birdman and Young Thug were “indicted,” the ABC affiliate WSB-TV very clearly states in its piece, “Young Thug and Birdman have not been charged in the incident.”

Once again, Birdman and Young Thug have been LINKED to the case through the indictment. They themselves were NOT indicted, contrary to Us Weekly‘s poorly reported story.

Gossip Cop is and isn’t shocked that Us Weekly made this possibly libelous error. The outlet was 100 percent accurate Wednesday when it pilfered our exclusive reporting from seven days earlier that Caitlyn Jenner is not dating Candis Cayne. However, the tabloid quite erroneously claimed its information was “exclusive.” Reading comprehension may not be Us Weekly’s strongest suit.


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