Birdman Suing Jay Z And Tidal For Allegedly Illegal Streaming Of Lil Wayne Music

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Birdman Suing Jay Z Lil Wayne

By Andrew Shuster |

Birdman Suing Jay Z Lil Wayne

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Birdman is suing Jay Z to the tune of $50 million, claiming his company Tidal is illegally streaming songs from Lil Wayne’s “FWA” album. Birdman’s company, Cash Money, says it owns the rights to all the “FWA” tracks, as well as Wayne’s music in general.

According to a newly filed lawsuit, Jay Z and Tidal are engaging in “a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service” by using Wayne’s music. Tidal maintains that Cash Money does not own the exclusive rights to Wayne’s music, and that he gave the company permission to stream his music in exchange for part ownership of the business.

There’s one slight problem. Cash Money’s contract with Lil Wayne clearly states he’s not permitted to license his music to any other parties. In an added dig in the court filing, reports TMZ, Cash Money even slams Wayne’s “FWA” album for getting “tepid reviews.”

As Gossip Cop has previously reported, this isn’t the first legal battle between Lil Wayne and Birdman, but it is the first time Jay Z has been dragged into their ongoing feud. Last month, Wayne announced to the audience at the KMEL Summer Jam concert in Oakland, “I just signed a deal with my motherf*cking idol Jay Z.” It led to speculation it was with Roc Nation, but Gossip Cop was told Lil Wayne was simply referring to the Tidal deal, which is the basis for the current $50 million lawsuit.


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