Is Bindi Irwin pregnant with her first child? Six months ago, a tabloid claimed the television personality was expecting a baby. Gossip Cop held off on making a ruling the story at the time, but now we can set the record straight.

Woman’s Day alleged Irwin and her-then fiance, Chandler Powell, were putting their wedding plans on hold because the couple was going to be parents. At the time, Powell was seen leaving a local pharmacy in Beerwah, Queensland, and the outlet claimed Powell was holding a pregnancy test. Following this, Irwin shared a photo of herself with Powell, his parents, and her mother, and had the caption, "Our family is growing and that's something to smile about," underneath it. These pieces of information led the tabloid to declare Irwin was pregnant.

The magazine asserted that Irwin has “always dreamed about being a mom” and would love to make her mom happy by giving her a grandchild. The tabloid further contended Irwin's absence from a Tourism Australia event that was being held in Sydney also raised suspicions that the young conservationist was with child.

Since the story came out six months ago and Irwin hasn’t made any announcements about being pregnant, Gossip Cop is debunking this narrative. Irwin is very open about her personal life on her social media page and hasn’t mentioned she was expecting a baby, nor did she appear to look pregnant in any photos. Irwin just posted a picture for Mother’s day where she honored her mother, which would’ve also been an ideal time for Irwin to make the announcement. Additionally, Irwin revealed the reason why she couldn't attend the Tourism Australia event was that she was unwell.

It's also hard to trust Woman’s Day since the tabloid has jumped the gun before and alleged Irwin was expecting a baby. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted the phony tabloid for falsely claiming the reason Irwin and Powell moved up their wedding date was due to Irwin being pregnant. However, Powell explained on his Instagram page that the couple decided to change the date for the wedding because of the coronavirus outbreak. Plus, it was only moved up a week, hardly time for anything to be different, biologically.

In November 2019, the unreliable outlet alleged Irwin and Powell called off their engagement. The magazine contended Irwin was “cracking” under the stress of family drama and was ready to call off her engagement to Powell. Given the fact that the couple is now married, obviously the entire story was completely fabricated. Gossip Cop dismissed the narrative at the time and as usual, our reporting was more accurate. This outlet just doesn't seem to have a clue about Bindi Irwin's personal life.


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