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For months, the tabloids have been making claims that Bindi Irwin, daughter of the legendary Steve Irwin, is pregnant. Both before and after the wildlife enthusiast married Chandler Powell in March, many outlets made unsubstantiated claims about Irwin. Gossip Cop has busted multiple stories in the past few months and with this announcement, it seems we were right and the tabloids were clueless.

The announcement came this morning after Bindi Irwin took to Instagram. She posted a photo of her with her husband, Powell, both holding a tiny baby-sized Australia Zoo shirt. The photo is, of course, adorable. In the caption, Irwin wrote, “Chandler and I are proud to announce that we’re expecting!”

At first blush, it may seem like the tabloids finally got one right — after all, the predictions have come true. Take a deeper dive into the claims, however, and you’ll see that the tabloids were just guessing all along. The first bogus report Gossip Cop busted came in March, just as the global pandemic was first spreading and lockdowns were only beginning.

Irwin Wasn't Pregnant At Her Wedding

In March, just days after Irwin and Chandler married in a small ceremony at the Australia Zoo, Woman’s Day proclaimed the reason the couple moved up their wedding was because Irwin was expecting. The reality was totally different, obviously. For starters, the wedding was only moved up about 10 days, which would make no difference in the grand scheme of things if Irwin were pregnant, as we pointed out. With this latest announcement, which includes Irwin announcing, “I’m still in my first trimester,” the earliest the conservationists could have conceived would be May, more than a month after the bogus claim was made by the outlet.

She Wasn't Pregnant Last October Either

Speaking of May, Gossip Cop reported on an older allegation made by the same tabloid in October 2019 that asserted that Bindi Irwin was pregnant. At the time we reported it, she would have been six months pregnant. Obviously, that report was completely bogus. Clearly she was not pregnant when she got married in March, making it impossible for the claim in October to be true. It was just more conjecture and fantasy by the tabloid.

Maybe They Got One Correct?

Last month, another tabloid, New Idea published a sketchy report arguing that Bindi Irwin was pregnant. Gossip Cop held off on debunking the report, as often couples keep the news quiet, especially in the beginning. And again, it seems on the surface that the tabloid got is right, quoting a so called “source” as saying, “As more and more staff come back into the zoo for reopening, they’ve noticed something’s very different about Bindi,” adding, “she’s wearing much looser khaki shirts.”

Ok, so, maybe the tabloid did have a “source” that seemed to believe Irwin was “different,” but we’re guessing it was more likely just another wild guess on the part of the gossip magazine. Looking at the timeline again, Irwin would have been, at most, two months pregnant and would almost certainly not have been showing, so how in the world something notice the size of her clothes? We’ll give the outlet credit for a good guess, but not for reliable reporting. After all, the publication’s track record is not very reliable.


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