Is Bindi Irwin postponing her wedding to Chandler Powell over family drama, as a tabloid is alleging this week? The short answer is no, but a magazine claims her "dream event" is turning into a "nightmare." Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

A story in the National Enquirer this week alleges a "heartbroken" Bindi has delayed her wedding to Powell because "family drama threatens to upend the family's happiness." The outlet quotes a supposed insider as saying the late Steve Irwin's daughter, "can't face the thought of family tension overshadowing her big day!" The tension, the publication contends, involves both her and Powell's families.

Bindi's paternal grandfather, Bob, has been estranged from the rest of the family for years, and recently admitted in an interview that he had not received an invitation to her wedding, nor did he expect to. The tabloid jumped on this statement, spinning it into "drama." The "drama" between Bob and the rest of the family is much older than Bindi's engagement.

The outlet doesn't stop there though, bringing up another ancient bit of family discord about a time Bindi's uncle, who is married to Steve's sister, was "escorted" off the property of the family's business, the Australia Zoo... in 2016! The tabloid presents this all as if it's new, but it's not. Bindi and her fiance knew all of this well before getting engaged in July. It has no bearing on the wedding plan or Bindi getting cold feet. In fact, just four days before this story was published, Bindi posted a photo of Powell on her Instagram account with the caption, "I can't wait to marry this guy," along with a heart emoji.

Finally, the piece goes into manufactured drama involving Powell's family. The publication quotes another "insider" as saying, "His mom, Shannon, doesn't expect to be involved in every aspect of their day, but she'd like some say. But instead, Terri [Irwin] has taken over, and the only time they learn about any details is when they read it in the news." By Powell's own account in a recent interview with Good Morning America, Bindi is planning the whole wedding on her own - her mom hasn't "taken over." Powell noted, "She has colored-coded binders, she has itineraries for all of us, it makes my job easy."

At this point, we should point out that all of this seems to be completely based on a story Gossip Cop just debunked. Woman's Day wrote a suspiciously similar article last week alleging Bindi was calling off her wedding to Powell. The article made the exact claims about grandfather Bob, Bindi's uncle, and Powell's mother. Both stories feature identical quotes from what each publication claimed was an "insider," including the bit about the Powells not being involved in the planning. The whole premise is clearly nonsense. Gossip Cop will continue to keep an eye on this story to ensure the tabloids don't continue pushing this phony narrative.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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