Billy Ray Cyrus NOT “Diva” With “Huge Entourage” At “Wendy Williams Show,” Despite Claim

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Billy Ray Cyrus Diva

By Shari Weiss |

Billy Ray Cyrus Diva

(Wendy Williams Show)

Billy Ray Cyrus was not a “diva” at “The Wendy Williams Show,” nor did he show up with a “huge entourage,” contrary to a report from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story and reveal what really went down.

The National Enquirer sensationally announces in its new issue, “Miley’s Daddy Is A King-Size Diva!” It’s alleged in the accompanying story that Cyrus “shocked the staff at Wendy Williams’ show when he arrived with a huge entourage.” The singer-actor was on the talk show two weeks ago to promote his CMT series, “Still The King.”

“Billy had an army of staff with him,” a so-called “spy” is quoted as saying. “No one knew what they all did, but the show had to provide an extra dressing room so they all had a place to sit. Billy travels like he is the president, not like a man who is Miley’s dad. The last time Miley did press, she turned up with a friend. Her dad is a bigger diva.”

Notably, though, the supermarket tabloid never says just how many people supposedly accompanied Cyrus, and that’s in addition to not knowing who they were. It’s also odd that a “spy” on the set would also know that Cyrus “travels like he is the president,” and that his daughter shows up “with a friend” when she does her own press appearances. With these red flags in mind, Gossip Cop investigated, and we found out what the gossip magazine apparently couldn’t: Who really was with Cyrus at the taping.

It was not an “army.” It was not an “entourage.” It was not even remotely a large enough group that would require an “extra dressing room.” Rather, Cyrus was joined by a mere three people all integral to his career. And since this was an appearance specifically for his career, it made sense for all three of them to be there. A rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “Billy Ray Cyrus arrived with his publicist, manager, and the publicist for CMT’s ‘Still The King.’ Not sure how this constitutes having an entourage or being a diva.”

Although admittedly biased, the spokesperson goes on to assert, “Billy Ray Cyrus is the furthest thing from a diva. He is a down-to-earth, southern gentleman with a heart of gold, and that is not just a publicist talking; it’s the truth!” Gossip Cop can back that up. While the National Enquirer is calling Cyrus a “diva” with an “entourage,” we could not find any similar claims. One would think if the star, who has been in the business for decades, was truly difficult during his media appearances, outlets aside from this tabloid would be reporting it. But since this tale clearly doesn’t match reality, one has to wonder if the disreputable publication simply made it up.

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