‘Billy On The Street’ Mocks Kris Jenner In Season Finale Game (VIDEO)

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Billy On Street Kris Jenner

By Andrew Shuster |

Billy On Street Kris Jenner


Billy Eichner mocks Kris Jenner on Thursday’s season finale of “Billy on the Street,” during a game in which a contestant has to figure out if he’s describing the Kardashian matriarch or Pinnochio’s creator Gepetto. See the funny clip below.

During the mock game show called “Kris Jenner or Gepetto?” Eichner gives a young woman descriptions of either of the two people, and she has to guess to whom he’s referring. Some of Eichner’s questions include, “Did wonders with children that are made out of wood,” “Manipulates children using strings,” and “Has a child who really wants to be a real human, but just isn’t.”

The contestant had difficulty figuring out a number of times whether the answers to his questions were Jenner or Gepetto. Perhaps the most hilarious mixup was when Eichner asked her who “shares parental duties with someone described on Wikipedia as the ‘Fairy with Turquoise Hair.'” The contestant wrongly guessed Jenner, to which Eichner shouted, “No, Geppeto! The Fairy with Turquoise Hair isn’t Caitlyn Jenner! It’s Pinnochio’s mother, the Blue Fairy!”

The season finale of “Billy on the Street” airs Thursday on truTV. Watch the game “Kris Jenner or Gepetto?” in the video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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