Billy Bush is not going to host the Fox show "Top 30," despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this fake news, which we're told was "made up."

The Daily Mail is blaring online on Thursday, "EXCLUSIVE: Billy Bush gets a new gig hosting Fox's 'Top 30' news show - nine months after he was fired from Today for Trump p****gate scandal." The beginning of the article similarly alleges, "Shamed television host Billy Bush has landed a new gig hosting Fox Television's upcoming news magazine show 'Top 30.'" But that's all the information the British tabloid has about the TV personality's purported involvement with the program.

Rather than providing any specific details about how Bush came on board the project, the U.K. tabloid just generally states, "The daily news program, which will debut in September, will tell '30 stories in 30 minutes' and will air on Fox television stations through 2019, Fox executive Stephen Brown announced in December. The show originally premiered as a four-week summer series in June last year, hosted by Yahoo News reporter Cynthia LuCiette, ThinkTank's Hannah Cranston, and comedian Kevan Moezzi."

Nowhere in the piece, which is supposedly based on an "industry insider," is it said whether Bush will be working alongside those other hosts, or if they were given the boot. The bulk of the article is filled out with quotes copied and pasted from Bush's May interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which he spoke at length about the muddy state of his career. Still, HollywoodLife saw fit to regurgitate these vague claims in its own story, sloppily picking up the allegations before confirming whether they were even accurate.

But Gossip Cop is used to cleaning up messes from those two outlets. After all, they're nicknamed "Daily Fail" and "HollywoodLies" for a reason. Anyway, Gossip Cop is told it is "1,000 percent not true" that Bush will be hosting "Top 30." In fact, our impeccable contact tells us the Daily Mail story is "completely made up." A second rock-solid insider further calls the reports "bizarre" because Bush "didn't even meet" with anyone about joining the show.

Bush has made no secret about wanting to make a career comeback. When that happens, Gossip Cop will have the accurate details, not fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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