Billy Bush Did NOT Tell ‘Access Hollywood’ Co-Host Kit Hoover To Get Boob Job, Despite Report

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Billy Bush Boob Job Kit Hoover

By Michael Lewittes |

Billy Bush Boob Job Kit Hoover

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Billy Bush did not pressure his former “Access Hollywood” co-host Kit Hoover into getting a boob job to “save her job,” despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this fabricated report. We’re told it’s “not true” and “never happened.”

According to the repeatedly discredited National Enquirer, Bush used his “massive influence” at “Access Hollywood” when Hoover joined the show in 2010 to get a boob job. A so-called “spy” tells the tabloid, “Billy felt Kit wasn’t ‘sexy enough’ to pull in viewers. So they convinced her to get breast enhancement surgery.” The magazine claims, “Billy promised Kit new boobs would give her career a big bounce, and hinted if she didn’t follow through, she could lose her job. “He could care less what kind of journalist Kit was,” alleges the publication’s “spy,” adding, “He just wanted to sit next to somebody with huge boobs.”

But the only big boobs are the ones reporting this complete fabrication. The Enquirer has seized on the incident involving Bush and Donald Trump to call the longtime entertainment reporter a “sleazebag” and concoct this wholly false allegation. Bush’s remarks with Trump were inexcusable, a point even the former “Today” show anchor acknowledges, but the claim about him suggesting to Hoover that she could “lose her job” if she didn’t get “huge boobs” is a horrendous lie.

Gossip Cop’s founder Michael Lewittes used to produce “Access Hollywood,” so we were able to reach out to many of Bush’s former colleagues, as well as to numerous people close to Hoover, and every single one of them confirmed the tabloid’s article is 100 percent “not true” and that him supposedly hinting she should get breast enhancement surgery “never happened.”

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Billy Bush told Kit Hoover to get a boob job.


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