Why Everyone Thought Bill Murray And Selena Gomez Were Dating

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Selena Gomez in a metallic dress standing near Bill Murray, who's wearing a black tux, at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

By Brianna Morton |

Selena Gomez in a metallic dress standing near Bill Murray, who's wearing a black tux, at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

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Bill Murray and Selena Gomez caught everyone’s eyes when the The Dead Don’t Die co-stars walked the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. Photos emerged of Murray leaning in close to Gomez, whispering something to the starlet. Though some people wondered if there was something romantic going on between the stars, both Murray and Gomez have explained what really happened.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Gomez told host Jimmy Fallon what the Lost In Translation actor had been whispering to her. After being shown a photo of the encounter, Gomez admitted that it looked a little weird, then revealed, “But he was just saying dumb things, like he would just lean in and be like, ‘You look great tonight.’ And then he’d look back seriously and be like, ‘Where are you from?’ And I would just sit there, and I’m trying to be poised. It was fine.” Describing him as “a big kid,” Gomez revealed that Murray would playfully try to hit her with things during press conferences.

For his part, Murray doesn’t precisely recall what he said to Gomez. He told Vanity Fair he just remembers “trying to put her at ease.” The older actor was quite impressed by the young pop star. “I really like her. I mean, you still can’t tell me who the [expletive] ‘Selena Gomez’ is—but Gomez,” Murray said, using his nickname for the actress, “I really like. She’s unusually bright. She’s kind and she’s natural. I’m always pleased to find some kind of pop icon who I really like.”

Though the two clearly get along very well, there’s nothing more than friendship and mutual respect between them. Murray even told People that he would’ve loved to bring Gomez home to meet his mother if she was still alive. Any speculation that their relationship is anything but friendly and professional is just that: speculation.

Gomez is no stranger to being the subject of baseless rumors. Many tabloids seek to exploit the starlet’s popularity by romantically linking her to other big-name stars. For instance, OK! reported that Gomez and former One Direction member Niall Horan were “more than friends.” The outlet offered up very little evidence to back up their claim, simply recirculating old rumors and using fan theories as proof of a romantic relationship. The tabloid’s bogus story wasn’t based on facts, so it was easy for Gossip Cop to bust it.

The rumor mill doesn’t just focus on Gomez’s current love life, they also like to dig into her relationship with former partners. Life & Style published a story claiming Gomez’s ex Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin just wanted the pop star to leave them alone after the songstress released an album partially inspired by her relationship with Bieber. Gossip Cop thought something about this story seemed phony. The outlet relied on an anonymous source for their scoop, but the paper is often unreliable when it comes to this famous group. The much more reliable E! News reported that Bieber and Baldwin weren’t bothered by Gomez, and in fact wanted her to be happy.


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